April 10, 2,007
Ella's Message

Ella Fitzgerald asked us to send out a rendition of her alterations to "I'm Beginning To See The Light". We don't think she's changed all that much. She wanted Linda to record it, and put it up online. But we're afraid that would cause copyright problems. So we told her we couldn't do that. But Linda will try to learn it and if we're on somebody's show sometime she'll give it a try! Oh! Ella says in this song she's refering to Jesus.

I'm Beginning To See The Light

I never cared much for moonlit skies
I never wink back at fireflies
But now that the stars are in your eyes
I'm beginning to see the light
I never went in for afterglow
Or candlelight on the mistletoe
But now that you've shown me what is right
I'm beginning to see the light
Used to ramble through the park
Shadowboxing in the dark
Then you came and caused a spark
That's a four-alarm fire now
I never made love by lantern-shine
I never saw rainbows in my wine
But now that your words are in my mind
I'm beginning to see the light

The spiritual battles around Ellsworth, Maine finally ended at dawn Monday. For over 24 hours the creatures of Darkness kept pounding The Kingdom Of God's Forces! But The Kingdom Of God's Forces held! The creatures of Darkness did not penetrate a single barrier, they did not get anywheres near Ellsworth. But the price has been high. The Kingdom Of God has lost a couple of Its material workers, they just could not stand the strain. We are still looking for those that have been lost by the crearures of Darkness! It is really, really horrendous! So much energy was being expended that again the light in The Kingdom Of God dimmed twice during the battle! It was incredible phenomena to see! But it was the courage of The Kingdom Of God's Forces that held the day. The cavalry was the thing that saved the day, the horses appearing, and people being able to mount and fight! Again and again Those riding the horses broke up the demons' charges, broke up their assaults, so they could not hit the lines in mass, and this kept them at bay. Again and again they were driven back, because they couldn't concentrate their forces on a single point! Every time they tried the cavalry broke them up! This is what caused success in this battle. Someone has said that these are the battles of armageddon. Well, We don't believe that, but they are definitely severe fighting! We desperately need to reenergize, We desperately need more publicity, We desperately need people talking about what is going on, and telling the people what is going on, because that's the only thing that will break the demons' power! When people go public and admit that they believe in what is happening, support Jesus and take the power away from the demons, that's when We'll succeed. That's the only way we can succeed. These are very, very dark times and we need the support of everyone of those that have been helping Us, and We need more, We need new people! It is desperate! It is a call to all the world. Jesus is calling to all the world, "Come, stand with me! Come and fight with me! Save Our children!" These are dark, dark times!
We had another tremendous setback yesterday! Jesus was unable to get away from the battles to come and work on the "Here's Jesus!" episodes, so Gerald rerecorded some that we have done in the past, and was getting them ready. Linda went to put them on a CD to save them, and all that was on the CD aleady, disappeared! The CD went blank except for the episode that she put on! Rather she tried to put too much on it or what, we don't know, but a whole week or more's work is gone, and this is going to set us back tremendously! We don't have the time to redo them, but we're going to have to redo them, and it's just a total and complete pain! And now we're worried that we can't trust the CDs, that the information will be on them when we need them! We desperately need people that know these computers better, and can help us get around these things, but we don't have them. It is still such a tragedy that that idiot with Heaven's Gate years ago, drew away our computer experts, the people that were supposed to work with us, that were supposed to come and be with us, and handle all this stuff for us, and tricked them into committing suicide believing that they were going to be taken away on an alien spaceship, in spiritual form! That this evil can happen, that good people can be led astray by these creatures of Darkness and talked into commiting suicide for something so completely stupid, is beyond Our understanding, and to lose good friends like this. But We need to replace them, but We can't get anybody because We constantly run into the problem "Oh, my relatives won't support this, and if I have anything to do with you they'll disown me!" So We can't get anybody to work with Us! But what these people don't understand is that they're destroying their relatives forever by failing to do what Jesus wants them to do, by failing to come and be with Us, and doing the Work that they're supposed to do they're destroying all of mankind! They think that somebody will come and replace them, but somebody might not! And if We don't get assistance soon, if people don't start waking up soon, and realizing that what We're saying is the truth, the absolute truth, and that those that are saying other things are total and complete liars, this world might not last that much longer! It's that damned simple!

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