April 11, 2,007
Jesus On Imus

We have been asked what Jesus thinks of Don Imus' suspension for calling Rutgers female basketball players whores. Well, Jesus says there is a limit! He thinks the man has gone beyond the limit! Commentators have a right to express an opinion, but they have to show a little respect and dignity, too. There is a limit, you can't say everything that you want to say even when you're absolutely right about what you are saying. There has to be some kind of control! This man often goes beyond control! He is very often saying the proper thing, saying the right thing, but you've got to control what you're saying a little bit! There's some things that just aren't said in public like you don't use the n word, and you don't use some other words. Jesus definitely feels that the suspension is appropriate, and will wait and see what happens in the future. There's a lot of complaints on the man, but a lot of them are unjustified. You have to be able to speak! Freedom of speech is one of the basic American principles, but you have to have a little bit of control, too! Imus is still very popular in The Afterlife, but because of everything going on his show isn't being rebroadcast right now.
Monday morning's spiritual battles around Ellsworth were about normal. The demons definitely do not have the energy that they had before. They're drained out just as much as The Kingdom Of God is! But they're still keeping pressure on The Kingdom Of God, they're not letting up! But many of the demons that were there Easter Sunday have withdrawn and are headed home, they simply cannot stay away from their own territories long enough. It's difficult for them to feed in a foreign territory, and they're heading back to their own feeding grounds. The struggle continues, and it is horrendous, the battle is neverending! Though they only fought for a couple hours Tuesday morning it was still very vicious, and very intense. They're definitely showing that they have no intention of giving up! Their purpose, their total purpose is to break Jesus' power, and destroy Jesus, and that isn't gonna happen!
The Kingdom Of God definitely needs more power, We need more stories, We need more people talking out there, and , the creatures of Darkness are definitely doing things to raise more power. What We were just talking about before, with Imus is definitely a sign that they're influencing the public, and trying to raise as much hate as they can. There's a purpose for all this, there's no question of it! This situation with Imus has one purpose, to stir up racial hate to feed the demons. There's no question of it! That's what the creature that was controlling it caused, and we've got to get away from these things, we've got to make people understand that we've got to treat each other with more dignity and respect! The idea that people can make fun of other people and run down other people for no reason just to have their own kicks has got to be put an end to, it's got to be stopped! People have to be shown respect even when youi disagree with them! We will say that a homosexual is evil, we will tell people that they are evil, we will tell them that this sickness should not be allowed, but you do not hate them, you do not despise them, you do not try to destroy their families and their friends. You tell them that what they are doing is wrong, and unacceptable, and people must walk away from them and say "No, I do not accept what you're doing!" But you do not teach people too hate, and you don't teach people to use foul language, you don't teach people to go out and scream insults at them. As long as they leave other people alone they have a right to be left alone. But we have to stand for what is true, and The Kingdom Of God will always do that. Unfortunately some people that stand for what is true have a hard time keeping away from the hate, and we have to do that! We cannot hate! Hate is the mind destroyer. Hate is the will destroyer. Hate is the destroyer of mankind.
Still trying to fix some of the disasters that have occured here! We haven't had time to mention some of the cute stuff. Gerald keeps hearing this song over and over again in the morning, and now John Lennon is getting a kick out of making up funny verses and throwing them into the song to wake Gerald up and get things going! Like uinstead of saying the guy burned his driver's license John sings he burned his jockey shorts, and other little things! Sometimes just the kick that we get, and the things that Those in The Afterlife do to try to wake us up and get us going and give us energy to keep going and fight these battles is cute, it really is! They do all in oTheir power to keep our spirits up and try to make our day better! Sometimes we couldn't live without it!
Right now Everybody with us in The Afterlife is reaching out to those in the material world that know about us, trying to get them to give us more support, to make us more public, and to talk about us, to make people understand that what we're saying is absolutely true, no matter how insane it sounds, no matter how weird it sounds, no matter what, we are speaking the truth. These things are actually happening, these spiritual battles are actually taking place. The Lord Of Heaven is fighting for the very existence of mankind, and that fight is vicious! He is being hurt, and Everyone in The Aftetrlife is being hurt that supports Him, and They are fighting for Their children. And people must know of this fight, they must understand that a battle is going on for the very existence of mankind. All in The Afterlife are reaching out to everybody that we're in contact with and asking them "Please help!"
In Tuesday' "Here's Jesus!" He talks about the terrible battles with demons around Ellsworth, Maine Easter weekend, and that animal spirits helped those of Heaven win this victory. You won't want to miss this one!


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