April 12, 2,007
Some Things We Can't Use!

The Kingdom Of God is disgusted to learn that the founder of "Girls Gone Wild," Joe Francis, makes 29 million dollars a year on his video empire making videos of girls doing all kinds of crazy things and we can't make anything on our decent material. It just shows what a crazy mixed up world this is. In Wednesday's "Here's Jesus!" He talks about what became of his brothers and sisters after the crucifixion, and, how His brothers and sisters really got around making a lot of descendents, and we are actually His mother's descendants! You never know what He'll say next! Great stuff!


We got a result from the Easter fighting that We did not expect. One of the demons dying in California started talking and began to give some horrible information about a pedophile ring there in the 50s. What he is describing is so hideous that we cannot possibly publish it! Gerald has recorded the information and saved it for future reference. But though the material world won't get the information The Kingdom Of God has, and Its Agents are already at work on the matter. The hunt is on!
We must warn the local authorities to be extremely vigilant. The demons are desperate for energy especially in The United States. We are beginning to see dark power gathering in three places, similar to that that was gathering in New York before 9/11. It is gathering in New York again, but also in Chicago, and, San Diego. It is without doubt that the creatures of Darkness will try to cause some incidences there that will kill a lot of people. The Kingdom Of God's Forces are going in there trying to detect and stop whatever it is the dark ones are doing. But our resources are limited. We need more energy. Anything to promote The Kingdom Of God's Cause will be appreciated. Any mention of Our efforts to make Ellsworth, Maine, God's earthly residence would be welcomed. We need to generate more power.
Wednesday morning's battles went well there. The demons are still putting up a resistance, but they cannot put the forces to the field that they had before. Many of those that were in The United States are going back to their own countries to heal and recharge. By no means is the battle over! They have to go back and try to undo the things The Kingdom Of God has done in their absence. But when they're regenerated they will be back, unless We can break their power before they can regenerate. We are especially after this death cult in Europe centered in Germany that uses the eagle symbol with the two heads. If We could cripple that operation it would be a tremendous boost to The Kingdom Of God!
Gerald was having a dream Wednesday morning that we were moving, and he ran into somebody else that was looking for a place and was telling them that our old one would be available soon. The man was saying "It might be a little bit small for me, but I'm desperate!" There were also three stray cats in the dream, two kittens and a mother. The kittens were gray and black and the mother was white and black, and they were coming to Gerald for affection which is strange. Gerald loves cats but his body doesn't! If he was playing with cats as much as he was doing in the dream he'd be miserable for days! But it's the first clear, distinct dream Gerald has had for some days.
Linda was dreaming about an old fashioned house that we were visiting where the people had all kinds of dogs and pictures of dogs on the wall. We were having a very good time there. A good dream for a change!
And John Lennon is still making up crazy lyrics to the song that Gerald keeps hearing in the morning. He was singing a verse this morning about a guy getting kicked in the butt and another one being kicked someplace else! And not mixing singing with politics. Boy! We wish we could do that! But for us it would be impossible. Our music is our greatest weapon!

The Old Fox Beginning The First Spiritist Service. From "Light The Divine History Of Spiritism."

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