April 13, 2,007
Jesus To Pink

Got some news Wednesday morning that we didn't get to put into the email. Anna Nicole Smith finally realizes that she's in The Afterlife. It was strange that she suddenly realized it almost exactly the same time as they were announcing the DNA results on who the father of her baby was. She was just looking at her husband and suddenly said "Now I know why you look so good, why you're such a handsome jock! I'm dead, aren't I? The stories about you always being young in Heaven are true! That's why I can't see my baby. She's not here." Her husband smiled at her and said "Yes. And you're one georgeous babe, too!" Anna Nicole looked down at herself and remarked "I look like a teenager!" "Well, not quite that young!" her husband answered, "But always the way I saw you." Now Anna Nicole is beginning The Grand Tour. She's going around The Afterlife answering hundreds of invitations to visit. Once the realization hit her she seemed to have no trouble adjusting at all, and she seems very happy with the DNA results but doesn't want to talk about it too much.
We've been asked "What does Jesus think of the Duke lacross players being acquitted?" Well, first of all, they weren't acquitted, the charges against them were dropped because of insufficient evidence. They were not acquitted! But Jesus wants to make a promise to this young woman. "Justice will be done! There is a higher court. Justice may not have been done on Earth, We can never be sure, but in that Higher Court, in my Court, when these young men stand before me in the Court Of Judgment, There there is no lying, there are no tricky lawyers, there is no deceit, there is only the truth, if something did happen they will pay for it! They will go to hell! I promise this young woman that, and I warn these young men that that is the fate awaiting them. If they escape justice on Earth, they will not escape it in Heaven! That is my promise to this young woman!" That is what Jesus says!
We were asked what Jesus thinks of Jimmy Kimmel having Pink on his show Tuesday April 10, 2,007 and singing her song "Dear Mr. President." Well, first of all, Jesus respects that other people have a right to express their opinion, even if it's counter to His. But He would like to answer some of the lyrics in her song.
President Bush is a man of deep compassion. His desire to help the homeless on the street is just as great as any other decent person's. He is doing all he can to support organizations that are taking care of these people. And to make the cruel accusation that he doesn't care about them shows a very low character.
President Bush prays each night to be given guidence and wisdom to do his job well. And when he looks in the mirror he is justly proud of the man that is looking back, because that man is doing the best he can.
And what mothers whose sons went off to war did not have a chance to say goodbye? The mother of every warrior knows the chance that that warrior is taking, and says goodbye when they go to battle, knowing that they might not return.
Jesus is quite sure President Bush would be able to look her in the eye, because he is a man of honor. If President Bush found that one of his daughters was gay and had to put her out, he would continue to love her and try to help her. But he would not accept her sickness, he would not accept what she is doing to herself.
And yes, he has come a long way from the alcohol and the cocaine, as many have who started out on the wrong path but found the way of righteousness. That he has won this battle should not be something to critisize him for, but to praise him for.
Yes, it's hard living on minimum wage, but at least in The United States people have aid systems and charitable organizations to help them. They don't have thugs with guns running through their neighborhoods killing anyone they don't like who doesn't dress the way they dress, or worship the way they worship.
And President Bush knows about hard work. If you were The President Of The United States for 24 hours you would know how hard he works!
Jesus wishes that this young woman could take a walk with Him and listen to some reason, and try to have some understanding that righteous people must do righteous things even if the unrighteous don't like them, even if they hate them. But it is better to be hated for righteousness than to be loved for evil.
Yes, President Bush has made a few mistakes. There are some things Jesus would like to have him do that he is not doing. But at least when he walks up to The Gates Of Heaven he can say "Lord, I didn't do everything right, but at least I tried! I just didn't stand there and watch helpless people die."
Better yet, Jesus would like to meet this young lady on a national t.v. show and discuss these matters with her.
In Thursday's "Here's Jesus!" He explains about the other times when the creatures of Darkness drove The Kingdom Of God's Forces from the field, and, why this time it will mean the end of mankind if they succeed.


Without doubt We have found one of the individuals the creatures of Darkness drained dry to battle Jesus. Kurt Vonnegut, who died Wednesday but who had actually been dead for several days. Surprisingly he reached The Afterlife! After a search he was found in the darkness in fairly good condition, but refusing any contact telling people to stay away from him. He didn't need God or spirits, or anything else. He just wanted to be left alone. It shows how those involved in even moderate evil can be used by the creatures of Darkness. It is believed this damaged soul will in time, recover and join the normal activities in The Afterlife. But it may take as long as fifty or sixty years. The experts in these things are rarely wrong. They can almost tell, to the hour, when someone will free themselves of their burdons and rejoin the circle of life! But it is little doubt that this is one of the dark ones' victims.

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