April 14, 2,007
Hey, Little Pinky!

We've been asked what we mean when we say that the same kind of energy is forming in New York again and in Chicago and San Diego as did before 9/11? Well, that is precisely what we are seeing. The same exact kind of energy that appeared before The World Trade Center disaster is appearing again, not quite as intense, which probably indicates there's fewer people involved, but the same kind of strange darkness in the harbor areas of New York, Chicago, and San Diego. Obviously there are some individuals there who are drawing on very dark powers. We saw this for some time before 9/11, and didn't know what it pertained to. But when We see it again, We worry that these lunatics may be attempting something else. That's what we're talking about.
We've also been asked if with the controversy about him does Jesus believe that people should be supporting the charity that Imus has. Absolutely! If it's doing good work it should be supported. Just because someone is outspoken doesn't mean that he can't do good for others. Maybe because he is outspoken he is doing good for others!
Gerald has been having a recourring erotic dream that is kind of embarrassing but still might have some significance. So he thought he'd better tell people about it. He's been dreaming this female millionaire shows up who says she is dying and is willing to give Gerald and Linda her entire twenty-six million dollar fortune if Gerald will have his plumbing reconnected and let her have his baby before she dies and keep it, and take care of it afterwards. She makes such a passionate plea to Linda that she feels it is her mission from God to produce this child, that Linda agrees. The millionaire insists that no artificial means of fertilization be used, that it be done the good old fashioned way. The purpose is fulfilled but then a doctor shows up who had been treating the woman, and petitions the court that she terminate the pregnancy and have chemotherapy though it will only extend her life for three years. A big court battle insues which is eventually won, but there is a lot of static from women's rights groups that this woman is sacrificing herself for backward beliefs. And we definitely get a lot of bad press! But a beautiful, healthy baby boy is born, and that's where the dream usually ends. There is simply no telling what the brain will come up with! There is simply no telling!
In Friday's "Here's Jesus!" He explains why the President of The United States is so important to the world's future, and answers the question "When are You going to return?" A lot of people aren't going to like this one!


John Lennon has been too busy to come up with a song in response to Pink. So he gave Kurt Cobain a couple of ideas and Kurt threw this little ditty together that is now being sung throughout The Afterlife and raising power against this evil. But the lyrics of the song are absolutely true! The Kingdom Of God's Forces are looking for every little fact about this person, trying to find anything to use against her. She has declared herself an enemy of God.

By; Kurt Cobain
Channeled Through; Gerald A. Polley
All rights reserved.

1. Hey, little Pinky,
God, He wants your ass!
I'm not being rude,
I'm just statin' facts!
Yes, you've got alot of mouth,
There's no doubt of that!
Hey, little Pinky,
God, He wants your ass!

2. Hey, little Pinky,
You're smokin' too much grass!
You think you're better than The Lord,
There's no doubt of that!
The Angels are hunting,
For every little fact!
Hey, little Pinky,
God he wants your ass!

3. Way up in Heaven
Everybody's mad!
What this little bitch is doing
it is really sad!
But God He has to stop it,
There's no doubt of that!
Hey, little Pinky,
God will get your ass!

Hey, little Pinky,
God will get your ass!

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