April 15, 2,007
You Are Still Loved

With all that has been going on we have not been able to cover one of the little incidences that happened after the Easter battle. It was so precious that we have to put it down and send it out. After the battle one of the magnificent horses that were so much a part of that great struggle was being led from the field, wounded, when it suddenly broke from its handler and limped off towards a wounded demon struggling off into the Darkness. It followed after the demon, whinnying. The demon stopped and looked back. The horse became a magnificent black race horse with a white streak on its forehead. The demon smiled and said "Oh! It's you!" For a few minutes he filled out and became a jockey in blue checked riding clothes. The horse limped forward and lowered its head. The jockey carressed it for a few moments then backed off, withered again, and hobbled off. The horse changed back and hobbled back to its handler who led it off to be cared for. In the midst of all this carnage there was time for a few moments of remembrance, for good things, good times, that were not spoiled by the evil that sometimes devours men. For a few moments this magnificent animal managed to tell a wounded soul that it still cared, that it was still loved. Sometimes the smallest things in a battle that actually occur after it, are the most magnificent, the most courageous, the most beautiful, a message that said "I have to fight you, I can't allow what you're doing, but I still love you." a message that God is sending to every soul that opposes Him.
In Saturday's "Here's Jesus!" He answers if He was married to a woman named Miriam, and explains that He does not believe that some of the things happening now are fulfilling the prophecies of The Book Of Revelation.


Here's a short Ancient One story. As they say on the t.v. shows, it's just a story. It has nothing to do with any actual happenings.

By: Gerald A. Polley

The Ancient One and his companions were far to the east. His companions could tell he was looking for something. They were over a great highway with vehicles going this way and that. The Ancient One flew over several vehicles travelling together, and nodded. "Stay here!" he snapped.
The Ancient One shot ahead, dove down towards the highway and became visable. He headed straight for a pick up truck, waving his arms and screaming loudly. The driver of the truck saw him and in panick turned away, bumping another car, and, another car, and that car bumped another car until there was the sound of screeching brakes and ripping metal. The Ancient One rose to his companions and looked at the carnage below.
"Well," he remarked, "that works just as well with a drunk driver on a freeway as it does with a Korean fighter pilot!"
The Ancient One's male companion looked at him. "How many people just saw you?" he remarked. "How are they going to cover this up?"
The Ancient One smiled. "Do you really think anybody's going to report what they saw? Every one of them is going to say 'I'm not going to have people thinking I'm crazy! I never saw that!' Or, of anything the tabloids will report it as another sighting of The Bat Boy."
"Anybody dead?" The Ancient One's female companion asked.
"No," The Ancient One answered. "just wanted to send a message. Didn't want to kill anybody. Just trying to slow a creature of Darkness down for a while!"
"Man!" his male companion put in, "When you slow them down, you slow them down!"
"Come on!" The Ancient One snapped, "We have a chance at some drug dealers tonight, some of my favorite prey!"
"Mine, too!" his male companion remarked, tapping his ax in the palm of his hand.
They all soared away to cause the creatures of Darkness more havoc.



Sharing Info

In our stories we talk about our heroes sending little messages. Someone has asked "Doesn't The Kingdom Of God ever send messages directly to the government, directly to the members of law enforcement?" Well, of course! The Kingdom Of God shares Its intelligence with the government. Any information that would be vital to the protection of The United States is channeled to appropriate authorities who quietly use it without making anyone aware that they are getting information from sources that would be considered outside of this world. They have to do this to protect their jobs! Because if their superiors knew they were using information from The Kingdom Of God's Agents, they would most likely be dismissed for using questionable information! So The Kingdom Of God's contacts among the material world have to be protected. They have to be kept a secret. But of course They exist! There would've been several major terrorist incidents in The United States in recent years had not The Kingdom Of God's Agents shared information with government agencies that prevented them! Cooperation is vital!

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