April 17, 2,007
More Messages!

People would like to know if a spiritual battle was to take place around Hollywood where would the fighting be? Well, The Kingdom Of God would like to have at least a week's publicity so that They could generate a lot of power and set up a spiritual barrier around Los Angeles like the one around Ellsworth, Maine. That would go out thirty miles. As Los Angeles is on the ocean there is no problem from that side because demons cannot cross over deep water without a vehicle of some kind. The defenders would be set up in seven divisions. Gen. Alexander Vandegrift would be leading the second marine division, which would be deployed along the defense lines at Oxnard. Gen. Simon B. Buckner would command the second marine division, which would be deployed around Irvine. Gen. William Benson would command the first marine division which would be deployed around Hesperia. John Lennon, who would be in command of the overall operations, would be here, as this is considered the most dangerous approach, the only nonAmerican who would take part in the battle. The first army division would back up the first marines and would be led by Gen. Pershing. The second army division would be led by Gen. MacArthur and would back up the second marines. The navy division would be led by Admiral Halsey and would back up the third marines. A division of air force personnel led by Gen. Doolittle would take up positions in Hollywood to guard any place where Jesus would be appearing against any demons that might already be in the area, and to act as a final group of reserves should any demons penetrate the barriers. This is the basic plan of defense, all Americans, defending their own ground. It is hoped that some horses would appear if the battle should take place, so that the forces could have some cavalry. If not they would simply fight in standard formations. It is believed the creatures of Darkness would probably outnumber them by as much as three to one, perhaps even four to one! But all the Commanders have promised Jesus that if He was in Los Angeles the creatures of Darkness would not pass their defenses. And when these guys make such a promise it's very likely they will succeed! After all, they're marines!
In Monday's "Here's Jesus!" He talks about what The Holy Of Holies is, and what it does. He also comments on the growing power of his allies, The Asgardians and The Olympians.


Sunday Kurt Cobain came through Gerald and tried to sing "Hey, Little Pinky!" the way he intended it to be sung to give people a better idea. One part got messed up and Gerald had to splice it, but it still gives you a much better idea of what the song was supposed to be like. But again, even with the lyrics in his hand Kurt messed up the last two verses. But we cannot use enough power to try to do it again. You can see how bad this effort was under perfect conditions. The effort just about knocked Gerald out. But we will leave it up to the public rather they like it or not. Kurt also recorded the song that he used to sing over and over again during his delirium. It is a message to his wife Courtney Love. He wanted Linda to try to put music behind it. We made several attempts but simply could not get it right so thought it best just to leave it. Here are the links.



We've added a few more t shirts to the goodie box, and two rags that we were using for pads in Linda's brace. Of course the braces themselves, are now available. We've also added Linda's wedding dress to the goodies, something she'll never wear again. We only wish she could get that small again! It's yellow and faded, but it carries horrendous power!
Oh, somebody asked "How many messages do you have out right now?" Well, we're not sure! We think we've got something from Frank Sinatra, Kurt Cobain, of course John Lennon, Judy Garland and Ella Fitzgerald. We've got all kinds of messages out there. Those sending them are very sad that those people that receive them and recognize them don't reply. They just don't wanna go against the homosexual agenda, they would rather end up in the Darkness, dying forever than admit they recognize a message from The Afterlife given by people that speak against homosexuality. It is so sad that people are choosing to die forever rather than offend perverts.
We've been asked if Muhammed is so damned smart, what would he suggest be done about the Shiites threatening to quit The Iraqi government and bring it down because of this radical cleric? Muhammed says "The answer is simple! Arrest those that are threatening to quit and charge them with treason. Arrest the cleric, charge him with deliberately trying to undermine the government for the Iranians, try and hang him! Then tell his followers 'If you don't do your jobs, if you don't fulfill your duties and serve your people you're next!'" These people want another dictator, want another man of power to rule Iraq, and Muhammed won't have it. That's his solution. Of course the world's too weak, the people too cowardly to do it. They'll let this guy kill hundreds of thousands of people, lead them to eternal death and call it democracy. Muhammed calls it treason! He calls it the betrayal of his people. That's what Muhammed would do!


I could dance with you until the cows come home. On second thought I'd rather dance with the cows until you come home
. ( Groucho Marx )

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