April 17, 2,007
Virginia Tech Shooter Gone Bye Bye

This is a special announcement that we're sending out to everyone. The shooter at Virginia Tech has suffered the second death. He has not become a creature of Darkness. He barely made it into The Afterlife before the hate and greed within him burned him up. It is one less creature of Darkness that We will have to fight. This individual is gone forever. But all those he killed are safely in The Afterlife, and doing very well; a little shaken, and most have no recollection of what happened, other than what they are hearing from others. But they are doing o.k.. We just wanted to let everybody know. Justice is done! The murderer is gone!
The dark ones tried to do it again! Gerald got whacked by a beer keg at work today. The night crew stacked them too high, and of course the minute Gerald walked by they had to fall over! Nothing serious, just a bump on the leg and the elbow that made for a long, miserable day. But that would be all we would need....both of us with broken arms!

The Ancient Land Of Tr on the world of Hades, where the religion of Spiritism Was born.

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