April 18, 2,007
Virginia Tech Could've Been Worse

The Kingdom Of God is not surprised by the incident at Virginia Tech. If anything, They are surprised it was not worse! The creatures of Darkness are determined to feed. They are desperate to feed! They will find any weak individual that they can to feed them. Unfortunately as tragic as this loss of life was, it probably only fed thirty of the worst demons in the area. Many more are hungry. They are desperate for more life energy with which to fight Jesus. We will be very surprised if there are not more killings throughout the country. The demons will be looking for anyone that they can set off into a rage and have them kill, and unfortunately nowadays they have far too many individuals on the street that they can call forth to do their bidding, who the world have filled with hate and greed, and who have no respect for anyone or, anything, to have been raised to think only of themselves, alone. The Kingdom Of God will be doing all in Its power to keep the the demons from feeding, but they are many, and there are many weak souls serving them!
The spiritual battles around Ellsworth, Maine, continue with unrelenting intensity! The demons were taunting Jesus about Virginia Tech saying "See? You can't provide for your people, and they won't provide for You, but we can feed at will, and will feed more, because man prefers to serve us, not You! We will be the victors! We will have our revenge!" Jesus told them that their power is but for an hour and a day, but that His power is eternal, and eventually He will be the victor. Sooner or later the people will rise. They can boast, they can brag, they can torment, but sooner or later like those among them that are already starving, they will die in agony and despair, while The Children Of The Lords will go on forever. Let us hope The Lord Of Heaven is right!
Here we go again! We barely announced the plans to defend Los Angeles if Jesus was to go there, we have had no inkling of the possibility that it would happen, but the demons in that area are behaving as if it's going to happen in the near future! Weak demons who wouldn't be able to withstand being shut inside barriers are retreating from the area, and stronger demons that could fight under such circumstances are coming in! And there have already been skirmishes, of a sort. Apparently those in the animal kingdom believe something is going to happen, also, because horses have begun to leave The Afterlife and gather at California race tracks, hundreds of them! Demons detecting them have tried to drive them off, and those demons that support us have been defending the horses! We cannot tell people how odd all this behavior is! But the demons seem to be trying to stop even the very idea of things from happening. We have been asked if we hold such little hope of these operations succeeding, why put so much effort into them? Well, it's a standard rule with The Kingdom Of God. Whenever demons start to oppose any operation you fight them, you throw everything you've got at them. You never give them a moment's rest! Demons are never allowed, under any circumstances, to interfere with God's operations, rather there are high hopes for those operations, or low hopes. Whenever demons start to interfere they will be fought with everything that can be mustered until they are driven from the field. Demons are never allowed to have a free hand anywhere! They are fought with all available Forces. That is The Kingdom Of God's way!
We've been asked if Those in The Kingdom Of God have any idea what causes these dark areas that appeared before 9/11 and that we now see again forming in New York and other places. We believe this is caused by those so possessed with evil plotting their mayhem. They are constantly projecting their dark thoughts into these areas, constantly sending their evil towards them, and this slowly drives the good from these areas, softens the ground, so to speak, for their assault. What worries The Forces Of The Kingdom Of God is that these dark waves are not coming from overseas, the people planning these evils are already in The United States! This energy is not transgressing The United States' national boundaries. So they are quite sure whoever is planning this stuff is right here, and They are doing all in Their power to hunt them down and destroy them before they can act! The creatures of Darkness need death, thousands of deaths to regenerate, to continue their attacks on Jesus. They need them within The United States. And The Kingdom Of God will do all in Its power to keep them from having them! Many of the demons returning to Iraq are going into crisis because there are not enough people dying there to sustain them. They drained themselves in the Easter battle and are having trouble regenerating. So The Kingdom Of God is fearful of even more carnage there, so the creatures of Darkness can feed.
In Monday's "Here's Jesus!" He tells rather or not people only wear white robes in Heaven, and rather or not animals go There.


Linda's visit with the rehabilitationist went pretty good. He kept saying what a brave little lady she is. But it's costing us. Gerald is losing time and the bills are piling up. We paid $200 on the credit card Monday and charged $600 more paying off two hospital bills. Jesus again asks for support to help us pay the bills. He would really appreciate some fund raisers for God's Workers. But at least the weather is better, and we can walk to the hospital. We will have a hard time getting grocery money this month because we had to spend so much for taxis. But Linda couldn't even walk comfortably when her arm was bad. No more tickling!


Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic. ( Frank Herbert ) Dune

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