April 18, 2,007
John Lennon's New Tribute For Virginia Tech

It's coming fast and furious! John Lennon has written a song honoring the victims at Virginia Tech. It is his message to all their families. It came through this morning and had so much power behind it that we had to send it out immediately! Linda has no idea of the music or anything. But the lyrics just hit you like a hammer! It is below. Please, please share it with others, especially the victims' families. Also, we wanted to mention that John Lennon and his wife Mary Marie and Pope John Paul and his female companion have been giving healing to the wounded at Virginia Tech. It is understandable that they both have a special bond with gunshot victims. Everyone is amazed at the extent of their abilities to the living! This current crisis is bringing out incredible abilities among Those in The Afterlife! Every new crisis seems to bring a new wonder! If only it is enough! If only it will permit Us to save mankind! We are still on the razor's edge, but so far We are keeping Our balance.

By; John Lennon
Channeled Through: Linda J. Polley
All rights reserved.

1. You know it's not the guns,
you know they're not to blame,
It's the person holding them
that's what is the shame!
We've taught our children not to care,
to think only of themselves.
We've taught them to be evil,
we're sending them to hell!

2. I was shot by a lunatic
a man who wanted fame,
But now people say
"Forgive him and let it go away!"
The victim is forgotten
he doesn't matter now,
Forgive the one that did it,
and let him woo the crowds!

3. Let him make a million
telling what he's done,
Let him be the favorite
of all America's sons.
Somehow we have to stop this!
We mustn't praise their names!
We have to stop this evil
and give to them the blame!

4. Yes, they are the evil ones!
Yes, they are the shame!
We must never let them profit,
we must never let them gain!
Come on everybody,
answer to my call!
Do not make them heroes!
Make the villians fall!

5. Do not give them glory!
Do not praise their names!
Do not say forgive them,
but make them live their pain!
Don't let them make a profit
on the things they've done,
But remember the victims
that died before their guns.

6. Now you've heard my story,
all my words are done!
Yes, I was a victim,
the victim of a gun!
But I don't blame the weapon,
God, I blame the man!
Because he was something evil
that was walking through my land!

Don't forget the victims of
the weapons in their hands!


A Few Words From Helen Keller

"Helen Keller here! Some people have taken offense that Gerald & Linda have been using quotes from me in their magazine. They say I would be offended because of the issues they support. Contraire! I give them my full and complete support in everything they do. If there ever was kindred spirits it's me and Gerald. Above all, I admire those that face their handicaps squarely and use them to their advantage instead of their disadvantage. Gerald could very easily have given up in life, lived on charity, accomplished nothing. But he faced his difficulties, found ways of surmounting them, and has given the world treasure beyond belief! Every time I read his works I believe his characters are alive, I believe they are real people and these are real circumstances that will happen in some time, and, some place, that somehow his heroes will exist, because they are what man needs desperately. I would never take offense to anything that they do! Sometimes I might be disappointed with the fights they have to fight, that people are so ignorant that they allow such things and they have to cause pain to misguided people, but I would never utter one word against them, because they are the servants of God! And I wish that all would listen to them and be filled with the wonder that I am filled with whenever I read any of their work! And yes, Linda, I love "Spirit Lad"! Helen Keller, A Daughter Of Abraham, A Resident Of The Kingdom Of God, And A Faithful Servant Of Its Steward, Now, And Forever."

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