April 19, 2,007
New Hollywood Commander

We have received comments that we should not be saying that the shooter at Virginia Tech has been destroyed forever, that we should think of his family, and have compassion and pity. Well, We have to speak the truth! This foul creature who killed without thought went to eternal death. Frankly, We feel sorry for his family but they have to know the truth. When people do things like this they are destroyed forever. People might not like it, but that is the price of evil. Oh, and We have received a message from those who died. Universally they do not want any of them being praised as heroes. They only did what any good person should've done in the circumstance and none of them want to be praised over anyone else. Again, We cannot tell how joyous We are by those We serve!
As the plans to defend Los Angeles grow if Jesus should go there to appear on national television, we have received word that all the former Presidents Of The United States have insisted on joining the troops that will be defending the city, each taking up a position with those troops that they served with during their lifetime. Of course Kennedy will be with the naval troops, Theodore Roosevelt with the army, and so forth. And we have no question who will be leading the cavalry! But each President refuses to take any rank higher than a colonel. They want those who attained a higher position by the shedding of their blood to be over them, to lead them. They wish to take part in the battle but they do not want to lead it. Sometimes you have to have great admiration for such noble characters, for such noble men! We praise God that we have been given the opportunity to represent them in this world, to tell this world what they are doing and how well they do it!
With John Kennedy joining the Forces planning to defend Los Angeles another recruit has arrived. John brought Lee Harvey Oswald to the overall commander and said "Sir, I have another marine that would like to join the ranks to fight beside his fellows. Would they be offended if he was to have a place among them?" The commanding general looked at Oswald rather surprised, then smiled and turned to one of his subordinates. "Captain!" he snapped, "Find this marine a position in the ranks!" The other officer snapped "Yes sir! He's welcome with my division, sir! We're still filling out." Kennedy saluted the commanding officer and withdrew, and Oswald went off with the other officer. Sometimes the friendships that develop in The Afterlife are so strange it's hard for even us to believe them when we report them, but Jesus has another defender. These are the strangest times, the strangest, strangest times!
And speaking of Kennedy, Those in The Afterlife are preparing a series of messages to the living, trying to reach those They used to know, and have them join our effort. Here's the first!
"This is John Fitzgerald Kennedy, former President Of The United States, and a resident of The Kingdom Of God, and follower of Jesus Of Nazareth, Called The Christ. I want to report to the world that the situations being reported by Speakers Gerald and Linda Polley are absolutely true, and the public should support them in all their efforts, for they are fighting for the very survival of mankind, and are servants of Jesus Of Nazareth, Called The Christ. So that people may know that this message is indeed from me I send these words to those that knew me in the material world. All roses are beautiful, but the summer roses are the most beautiful of all. I repeat, the summer roses are the most beautiful of all. Those who know me will recognize this message and know that these statements are from me. I ask them to speak out to the public and to tell them that they have heard this message and believe. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, A Servant Of God, Now, And For Always."
The goodie box is getting more and more full! We put in Linda's arm band from her emergency room visit for her broken arm. So it would carry spiritual energy because it is plastic, we put a safety pin in it that has been around the house for years, maybe since we were married, which carries a tremendous charge of spiritual energy. Some day at some future Antiques Road Show some appraiser may be saying "Well, because this once belonged to a great religious teacher it's probably worth five or six thousand dollars!" You just never know!
The news just keeps coming, more phenomenal than ever! Gerald was trying to get out of the house and get to work when he was given yet another piece of news that he just had to put down. Robert E. Lee came to the general in charge of Los Angeles defense with Stonewall Jackson and Pickett. He announced "Sir, we, too, are soldiers of America. We are concerned that the troops stationed in the city will not be sufficient to handle the forces gathering against them. We have gathered a division of our troops and ask your consent to reinforce those defending the city." The general in charge snapped "Doolittle!" General Doolittle quickly appeared. "Sir!" the commanding general snapped, "These officers wish to put themselves under your command. Will you accept them?" Doolittle looked shocked. "No, sir," he answered, "I was an air commander not a ground commander. If these individuals wish to join the effort I, sir, would put myself under their command, and I would praise God for them, sir! But I will not try to tell men such as these how to fight a ground engagement. I will follow them, sir, but I will not lead them!" The commanding general looked to Lee. "Will you accept the command, sir?" he asked. Lee came to attention and saluted. "With my gracious regards sir," he answered, "God will, we succeed." "Indeed!" the commanding general answered. "Take your command, sir! Prepare for the deployment of your troops." He returned Lee's salute and the confederate officers went off with Dolittle. What can we say? What can be said?
In Tuesday's "Here's Jesus!" He tells what He thinks of our friend Lorn's poem, "Gotta Get It Done!" He also discusses Gerald's thoughts on white robes in Heaven. Interesting, as always!


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