April 21, 2,007
Trouble, Trouble And More Trouble!

Sometimes the situations you get into are, in a way, profoundly sad. General Pickett came to Gerald and said "There is this young lady that has been working with me that calls herself Penelope. She was obviously from our part of the country when she was alive. She has been very helpful. I have tried to convince her to come back to The Light, to return to God, to find peace. But she has told me there is only one peace that she can ever find, and she's not quite ready yet. She's got a lot to pay back, a lot that people have to answer for before she's ready to find someone with the power to give her that peace forever." Pickett asked Gerald "Couldn't you speak to her? Couldn't you try to tell her that there are other ways of fixing things, other ways of finding peace?" "First of all," Gerald answered, "I wouldn't be able to get near her. My very presence would unquestioningly destroy her. The power I radiate is so strong that a creature of Darkness cannot withstand it outside of a body. If they are possessing a physical form they might be able to endure my presence for a while. But if I was to get anywheres near this creature I would incinerate her! And these foul creatures well know their fate. If she knows eternal death awaits her, there is little doubt it will claim her. Unfortunately, there is little I can do to help, except when she is ready give her the peace she seeks and perhaps helping her clear up those debts she wants paid. That is one of the few things I often help these foul things do." Pickett nodded. "Thank you for taking the time," he continued. "Wish things were better for you here." "So do I!" Gerald answered. "I need this job. But it doesn't look like it's going to last much longer."
Pickett nodded and faded out, returning to Hollywood, and Gerald wondered for the hundredth time, what his coworkers would think if they could see what was going on around them! Probably a good many of them would run and never come back to work again! Pickett was referring to an incident that Gerald had at work Wednesday. He doesn't want to officially make it an email or put it in the magazine. But if anybody wants to know what's going on they can let us know and we'll send them a copy.
Got an email asking about John Titor, a supposed time traveller. We don't know why it is that people are so desperate to believe these things. It's obvious that this guy is a total fraud! He did not mention anything that actually proved out, something that people seem to neglect. None of the predictions he made came true. We do not believe time travel is possible, but we've set up an experiment..a fund will be set aside in a trust and if time travel is ever developed people can get the funds from that trust if they come back and give us three hundred thousand dollars for our Work before the end of 2,007. Or maybe a little bit more if the fund has reached millions of dollars, say if it's reached thirty million dollars they come back, give us six, and keep the rest. So if you hear of somebody appearing out of nowhere and giving us a very large donation to continue our work, tax paid, there might be a very good possibility there's time travel! Because that's the only way we'd ever get it!
We are continuing with the messages that Those in The Afterlife are sending out trying to get people to support us. Here is the latest one.
"This is Diana. I was called a princess when I lived among you. You showered me with gifts and helped me to do a great deal of good. Now I ask you to help me do more good. I support, without question, the work of Speakers Gerald and Linda Polley. If they do not succeed all I cherish will be destroyed. So I ask all that supported me to support them. So that people will know that it is indeed me speaking I send all my friends this message. In my life I had many precious jewels, but those that I treasured most, that shined most for me were my sons, my children. They shone greater than any diamond or any ruby or any emerald. They were the light of my world, and still are the light of my existence. Again, so that people will know that it is me speaking I send this message. The greatest jewels I possessed were my sons. They shone brighter than any diamond, any ruby, or any emerald. Diana, Who Is Now Called Queen, And Is A Faithful Servant Of Jesus Of Nazareth, Called The Christ, And All Who Truly Speak For Him. Let Mankind Serve Him As We Serve Him."
In Friday's "Here's Jesus!" He talks about the old legend of a man going blind if he does something too much. Always wondered about that! And about Yoko Ono's foundation for children's health, which He hopes isn't being used for darker purposes.


Apparently the demons were boasting about how much power they had, because for a second night they have failed to make any assaults in Hollywood. But it is obvious they are still gathering there. Marilyn Monroe has gone to Bob Hope and asked him to set up a USO show for the troops defending both Hollywood and Ellsworth, Maine. Bob said "My greatest joy is giving any weary soldier a smile!" and immediately set up places where entertainers could come and perform for those defending in both areas, and is doing a show a day in each area. Bob never stops! But the fighting around Ellsworth definitely has not decreased! The demons threw everything they had at The Defenders again Friday morning, showing their utter determination to break Jesus power. They were taunting The Defenders about Gerald's trouble at work, saying they could attack us anywhere and make our lives miserable. That The Kingdom Of God could not defeat them. Jesus answered "Our servants know that they must battle evil in all places and in all times." The demons did not like that answer at all!


Never bend your head. Hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye. ( Helen Keller )

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