And talk about a love triangle! We now have a love square going on! Now that Jesus has said we might be able to leave North Dakota, if God's earthly residence is established in Ellsworth, Maine, and return and live there, the Spirits in North Dakota don't want us to go! And the Spirits in California that were working to bring us there are saying "Hey, wait a minute! If they can go back to Maine, they can come and live here full time if we can raise the power!" And now there's a fourth group where we used to live in Orlando, Florida, that say, "Hey! We gave them plenty of power here, when they used to live down here! They could come down here and live, and still do the Work in Ellsworth!" Everybody is really trying to be the ones to get us the power, to get us the funds, to make us nationally known so we can come and live in their part of the country! This is really wild! But Jesus has said that there can't be any argument about it. These people in The Afterlife that are trying to do this, He said right out straight, that the ones that succeed, the ones that get us a publisher, the ones that get us our funds coming in so that we can move around, and can go anywhere we need to do our Work, and have all the funds we need to continue our Work, that's where we'll go, that's the prize that He is offering, that's what He's saying, that the people that raise the funds for us, that get us our publisher, our books going, get everything out, get the videos out, get the audios out and makes us internationaly known, and gets the cause going are the ones that will have us live where they are! So these Spirits are going crazy trying to get their people to respond and be the ones to answer Us. This is something absolutely incredible!
The latest issue of Voices is up! Even with a broken arm Linda was able to upload it right on schedual! This issue features several filler articles we know you'll enjoy including a few about The Old Worlds! So far this year we've had to go back to publishing monthly there's been so much goin on Those in The Afterlife wanted onkline as soon as possible. We hope to continue with this schedule as time and funds permit. Here's the link!

We're not absolutely positive of this, but there's a very high probability that the dark ones caused the recent fire in Hollywood, in the hopes of disrupting our supply of energy even for a short time. They did not succeed! Energy continued to flow to us uninterrupted. Our energy source in that area is simply too stable to be bothered by a little old brush fire.
In Saturday's "Here's Jesus!" He discusses soime of Demetrius' (Speaker Gerald Polley's) other names. He's had enough of them over the ages! And was there anything like April Fool's Day on The Old Worlds?

In Sunday's "Here's Jesus!" He discusses how a soul can be shattered inside a body, and will people be damned for going to Elton John's concerts?

In Monday's "Here's Jesus!" He discusses the extra terrestrials establishing the second Kingdom Of God, and what it feels like to be betrayed for someone like Clinton. Ouch!

April 3, 2,007
They've Been Found In The US!

We had not intended an email this morning, we intended to be rather late with it, and let Linda sleep in, and get her up, get her dressed and get to the bus so Gerald could get to his dental appointment. But something came up immediately when Gerald woke up that had to be teported! Starving demons have been found in The United States. Everyone is just absolutely shocked in The Afterlife! But they have been found in Washington, Chicago, and San Francisco, three of the creatures of Darkness' strongest feeding places, yet starving demons have been found in these places! There were eight of them. The stronger demons are taking every bit of power that they can find and the younger ones, the weaker ones are being driven from feeding places and they can't feed, and they are starving to death! The starving demons are all females. It appears they had all been feeding on members of the news media.
We continue to say this makes no sense to Us because We have not yet received a single email from Ellsworth, anyone that wants to work on the project. Yet the demons are acting like there are people getting ready to build The Holiest Of All there, and, there is a church getting ready to receive God and and have it made God's earthly residence! We can't understand why they are putting so much effort into this! It makes no sense, whatsoever! But they are putting so much effort into it that they are starving other demons to death, and destroying them forever. And this is beyond Our understanding. But the battle continues! There was another fierce encounter around Ellsworth last night, but Jesus led His Forces and drove the creatures of Darkness off!


Dying Demons On The Old Worlds

We keep saying that all this stuff is so unusual that is happening lately. Didn't they have demons die on The Old Worlds? Didn't Those that watched over those worlds observe this phenomena there? Well, yes. There are reports of such phenomena from all three of The Old Worlds, and even some of the literature of The Dead Worlds, but it was very, very rare. What is being seen on Earth are mass die offs, nothing like what occurred on The Old Worlds where only a single demon would be found dying once in an age.

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