April 4, 2,007
They're Still Tauunting Jesus

Well, Gerald's dental appointment wasn't too expensive. Even with all the x rays and everything it only csame to $193.00. But it's $193.00 we don't have. We owe $227.00 for Gerald's last visit to the hospital and haven't even begun to get the bills for all of Linda's expenses! And there's a very good chance we're gonna be losing some of our local support, especially oiur rides. It's going too be far harder for us to get around. But there's nothing that can be done about it.
The insanity continues! In an unprecedented show of compassion the demons working with us offered to give the dying ones some energy and to let them feed at some of the places where we are allowing them to feed on the condition that they join them and not fight us, help us in our struggle to save mankind. As one the dying demons answered that they would rather suffer any agony, go to eternal death and rule over a tiny speck of darkness rather than obey a Lord Of Light. "Better to perish free," they cry, "doing whatever you will, under no one's control, than live a slave to The Light, and having to deny your pleasure. Better to have your pleasure whatever the cost, than walk in The Light!" Those who serve The Light cannot understand those who follow the Darkness. Their twisted logic makes no sense to them! It makes no sense to Them at all! For Those who follow The Light are the freest of all. The logic of the Darkness is simply beyond Them! These dying souls are definitely Dr. Spock's children; "Do whatever comes into your mind, no matter the price."
In Tuesday's "Here's Jesus!" He talks about why, even after He retakes His throne, Lord Peter will remain on the throne of judgment, and what it's like to be in the holiest of all with God. Absolutely fascinating stuff!


The spiritual battles around Ellsworth, Maine were again intense Tuesday morning. It was just horrible again! The demons threw everything they had at the Defenders. But the Defenders held strong. You can tell that the demons know what's going on with us, because they were taunting Jesus that they can raise millions of dollars to keep their harlot in power; of course they mean Hillary Clinton, but Jesus can't raise the money for our medical needs and to give us what we need to keep our Work going, to fight them, and that eventually because of this they will succeed if they keep expending their energy, if they keep attacking Jesus sooner or later Our power is going to break because We can't provide for Our Workers and they can provide for theirs. They were taunting Jesus on this terribly! They were saying that we have got people all over the country that receive our messeges and people are supposed to care, people talk about us, but when we have needs they're not fulfilled. Whenever any of their people have needs they can fulfill them instantaneously, that that shows their superoirity to Jesus, they will always be superior to Jesus because they can give the people what they want, they will rally to them, support their workers, enrich their workers and empower their workers while Jesus' Workers suffer and have nothing because the people don't care about them, and don't want what Jesus will give them. It is sad that the creatures of Darkneess are able to use this kind of torment to attack Jesus with and try to break His will! It is really, really sad!
It was so cute Monday while we were travelling around that Pope John Paul came to Gerald and said "I have heard about your problems, and that both you and your lady need medical help. May I pray for you? Would it be appropriate?" Gerald told him "Of course you can pray for us, dear one! Whatever you desire to do! If you wish to pray for us and help us with your power that is perfectly all right! The Pope answered "Oh! Bless you! Thank you very much! I just wanted to make sure that it was appropriate!" Gerald was really cracking up that this dear one came to him and thought that he needed his permission to pray for us! It was really, really something that tickled him!
Speaking of John Paul, the nun that Jesus asked him to keep company with has begun wearing ordinary gowns to nonreligious functions instead of her habit and the other men at the functions are going "Wow!" and asking The Pope if they are being intimate. The Pope only smiles and answers "A gentleman does not answer that question!" And everybody just smiles and nods. It looks like The Pope is adjusting to the reality of The Afterlife very well! Everybody has noticed that he and his female companion are more radiant than they were before, just radiating happiness and joy! They seem very pleased that Jesus put them together!


Demons Tauting Jesus

We speak of the demons taunting Jesus, and someone has said "Well, hasn't this always happened? Didn't they taunt Him in The Bible?" Well, a little. But nothing like what is being done now. Daily they put forth torrents of insults, unbelievable foulness...attacks on Him, attacks on Mary, attacks on Mary Magdalene! Their foulness seems to be absolutely endless, and they especially attack that Jesus can't get more people to work with us and support us. They relish in this! They constantly brag about how much they can support their followers, how much power they give them. It is nothing like in Biblical times! They may have made a few taunts then, but they were actually terrified of Jesus. These demons actually believe they are defeating Him, are destroying Him! It is far, far different! We must bring this to an end! We must break their power so they have nothing to taunt Jesus with any more!

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