April 5, 2,007
Some Things You Have To Do

It's a damned good thing Gerald is good at multitasking! With everything that's going on right now he has to be! Each morning he has to get up, take care of Linda's needs, get supper for that evening, get Linda's lunch, and then do the housework that needs to be done, then he has to go to work and deal with the problems there, come home, deal with getting the house cleaned up a little bit, and stuff, and then go back and do other things! On top of doing all this we have to keep the religious work going all the time! It is a damned good thing Gerald is good at multiple tasking!
In Wednesday's "Here's Jesus!" He discusses how far Ted Kennedy has gone astray, and what He considers obscene, plus His thoughts on adult humor. Controversial, as always!


We were asked the other day if those giving money to Hillary Clinton for her presidential campaign will go to hell. Well anybody stupid enough to give money to Hillary Clinton for her presidential campaign is already going to hell anyway! So it doesn't make much difference. Of course they will! There's no doubt of it. If they have been giving money to this whore there's no doubt that they will go to hell. This political harlot is trying to destroy Jesus, she is doing all in her power to bring down Jesus' power, to destroy The Kingdom Of God and make her evil acceptable everywhere. It's not gonna happen! She's going to be defeated! The Kingdom Of God has Their own female candididate for president and They're praying that she comes forward and starts to act, starts to do what she's supposed to do for God. But she is in the same old thing, she doen't want to upset her friends, she doesn't want to speak out, she doesn't want to tell people that something is evil when they feel it is perfectly acceptable, she doesn't want to tell her friends who are lesbians and homosexuals that they cannot associate with her because she is now working for God, and what they're doing is evil. It's so sad that this is happening, that a really good person, a person that has great potential and could do wondrous things for mankind is throwing away her opportunity because she cannot tell her friends that something they are doing is evil and must not be done, is going along with the status quo, is going along with what is considered politically correct, and not speaking out against this evil. It will destroy her soul. She is a great soul, she is a powerful soul, but when she realizes what she has done, when she realizes that she has betrayed Jesus and would not do His will, it will destroy her forever, there is no question of it! And we wish there was some way we could prevent it. But until she comes out and does what God wants her to do, there is no hope. This is a sad, sad circumstance. But The Kingdom Of God does want a female for president, We do not oppose Hillary because she is a woman, we oppose her because she is a creature of Darkness, a thing of profound evil that will destroy the world to have her way! This uis really, really terrible! The number of people that she is dragging down to hell with her is incredible!
There hasn't been much change in the situation. Wednesday morning's battles were as fierce around Ellsworth as they have ever been. It is incredible! We keep saying it over and over again! The intensity of these battles, it is just something that has never been seen before, that the demons are fighting so fiercely trying to keep something from happening that, as far as We can tell isn't even happening yet! But they are so afraid of the very idea of God establishing His earthly residence in Maine that they are putting everything that they can muster into the fight! The ladies took the battle again Wednesday morning, to let the men have a rest, and as usual, the demons didn't like it. They summoned more female demons to take part in the battle, trying to overcome the ladies' advantage, but they did not succeed.
People were appalled when we montioned in yesterday's email that We were allowing the demons that work with Us to feed. Well, they're going to feed anyway. There are places that they always feed. There's nothing that We can do about that! We're just making no effort to raid these places and attack the demons when they're feeding, We're simply allowing them to do what they would normally do, anyway. They're going to feed, there's nothing we can do about it, there's nothing that can be done about it. But just to keep things in harmony, and to support them, when they are supporting Us, We are not attacking the places that they attempt to feed. It is sunply something that has to be done. They have to feed, there's no question of it! And they are supporting Us, they are working with Us, and as long as they are We won't interfere with their feeding. There are places that they feed, it is constant and it has always been. Lords Of Light nornally watch these places and try to interfere with the demons feeding but We're simply not doing that any more. we're only attacking the demons that are determined to destroy mankind rather than let them be ruled by the good, and that's all that We can do, We have to fight the creatures of Darkness, and every ally that We have must be used. This sounds like a horrible thing to some people, but actually there's probably less feeding now, and havoc being caused by the creatures of Darkness because We have these ones cooperating with Us! Sometimes you have to do hard things in a desperate struggle for the very existence of mankind. We don't like this, We don't like doing it, but there's some things that you have to do!

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