April 6, 2.007
Where Do They Feed?

We have been asked if abortion clinics are one of the places that demons feed. And the answer is no. An aborted fetus has so little energy in it That demons very rarely bother with them. Only the most hungry, those that are the most desperate would hang around an abortion clinic. An aborted fetus is considered a snack, a waste of time. Where they feed mainly is hospitals, funeral homes, morgues; ambulances are one of their favorite places. They follow ambulences and very often when somebody dies in an ambulance there's a demon right there feeding on them. That's why they're monitred very closely. No, abortion clinics are virtually useless for demons as places to feed.
Sometimes we actually get volunteers that let demons feed on their bodies. We recently had a celibrity, a sports celebrity that passed away that actually died over three weeks ago, but demons had been possessing his body for all that time and getting energy from it and feeding on it, and he has been helping them, telling them them what to say to people and things, so that they wouldn't know someone else was in his body. When you get support like this, when you get helpers like this that let the demons feed, this is extremely beneficial! We know this is shocking to some people, but the people understand the need, they know these demons are heping us, they know they are suppprting us, and we need that help and support, we need their intelligence very much, the information that they are giving to Us is absolutely vital, and without them we couldn't get it! So there are people that are willing to go out of their way to help the creatures of Darkness when they are cooperating with Us. When people are cooperating with Us We give them all the help We can. It seems like a terrible thing to some people that we are allowing these foul creatures to feed, but as long as they are helping Us We have to support them. It's only fair! We can't interfere with them when they're giving Us information that is absolutely vital to Us! And without that information The Kingdom Of God would've failed a long time ago! And they were very beneficial in the recent effort in Iran to get the hostages free! When they're working with Us We have to cooperate with them, and if people are willing to feed them We will take that help!
We've been asked if We worry about people possessed by demons coming around us. No! It's not really a problem because we have God's power, because we have The Lord's power within us, a demon can't get near us without being very uncomfortable! At 30 feet away they're uncomfortable, at twenty feet away they're in severe discomfort, at ten feet away they're in agony. It's almost impossible for them to touch us because the pain would be beyond anything that you could possibly think of! No, we're not worried about demons coming around us! They very, very rarely even make the attempt! They would be in so much agony and distress in our presence that we know that anyone that claims to be possessed by a demon and can come around us is an absolute and total fake! It just can't be!
We received a comment that Senator Obama's showing against Hillary Clinton seems almost remarkable, almost miracleistic! The writer was asking "Did The Kingdom Of God have anything to do with this miracle?" Positive and absolute! As long as Sen. Obama is fighting Hillary Clinton The Kingdom Of God will give him all assistance that It can! This little bit of work was excellent! It's easy to get people to do something that they really want to do. And supporting Obama is something that alot of people want to do. We've also been asked if he would support our causes if we would support him for president. Unfortunately not. Though he might support our causes his party wouldn't, and as long as his party is against us we can't support him. That's a sad fact. As long as he's an enemy of Hillary we'll help him until the official election! Gerald is having a recourring nightmare and it's understandable considering what happened. He dreams that him and Linda are at a church somewhere, and we're leading a meeting, He's walking around the stage and Linda is talking to some people on the corner of the stage when he steps back and accidently backs into her. She falls off the stage, hits her head and dies! It's a recourring nightmare and he wishes it would stop. But considering what happened it's perfectly understandable. We're also having a strange thing that Linda wakes up each morning hearing as clear as could be the song "Ebony And Ivory".
Gerald keeps waking up hearing that damned song that has the lyrics in it "and the one on the left is in the middle, and the one in the middle is on the right, and the one in the back is a Methodist." He doesn't know why he keeps hearing this song over and over again, every morning. maybe we're going to get some help from Methodists, but we can't remember the name of the song! It's really irritating but that's the strange thing that's been happening with our dreams lately.
In Thursday's "Here's Jesus!" He discusses what spiritual dead zones can do to people not native to this world, and if The Kingdom Of God would ever use dead zones as a weapon again. Interesting stuff as always!


Keith Richard's father says at least he'll be with him forever because little pieces of him will be stuck in his nose forever. We've been asked if we'd take assistance from Keith if he offered it, considering his reputation. Certainly if he came forward and said he believes in The Kingdom Of God's cause and he wanted to help we'd take his assistance, but only openly. Jesus forbids us to take support from anyone unless they do it openly.

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