April 7, 2,007
Easter Battle

The other night Jimmy Kimmel had Kurt Russell on, and they were talking about that just before he died Mr. Disney wrote down Kurt's name and spoke it. And everybody has always wondered why. Well, Gerald has known Walt in The Afterlife for some time because Walt has been doing the animated work of his fiction stories There, and making live action movies with Cecil B. DeMille! None but the best for The Kingdom Of God and The Lord Of Heaven! Anyway, Gerald asked Walt what this was all about, and Walt answered "Well, you're going to think it's silly! I knew the end was coming and was thinking, if I could've been anyone else in my life other than myself, who would I have liked to have been? And that's the person I would like to have been other than myself. I hope making this public doesn't in any way embarrass Kurt. But I thought I had told somebody what I was doing, what I was contemplating! Oh well! There's nothing like death to get you all confused! But that's what that was all about!" Gerald can't imagine anybody being upset by that, to know that in his last moments somebody like Disney wished that he had been you is quite an honor! It shows how much he thought of what you had accomplished.
We have been asked "What are The Kingdom Of God plans for Easter Sunday?" Well, unfortunately They are expecting a major attack, in the Ellsworth area, perhaps even a day assault! And They are rallying all Their Foces. The Scouts are seeing that the demons are gathering and holding back a great deal of reserves. Even though they're throwing tremendous assaults at Us daily, it is believed that Sunday, Easter Sunday they are going to throw everything they have at Us again! So a major strategic defense is planned. They do not wnt the barriers around Ellsworth to fail, so They will defend them at all cost! So there wlll probably be no Easter Sunday celebrations. It will be a battle! That's what the celebations will be! They will be fighting for the sous of man!
As these spiritual battles rage there alarming signs of what they are causing. The recent reports of the disappearance of honey bees, of them dying off for no apparent reason, worries The Kingdom Of God, and They have been noticing that other insects, too, have been dying off. It will probably be acredited to some bacteria, some virus. But what is actually happening is that so much life energy is being drawn out of these areas for the creatures of Darkness to continue their battles against Jesus, that the smaller life forms are dying off! It sounds incredible, But The Kingdom Of God is quite sure that this is happening in places, and certain species are very sensitive. They may be even making some of the pollen toxic to the bees! This may be killing them, also. In Friday's "Here's Jesus!" He answers the questions "Is it true there's a chance Satan can be redeemed?" and "Why didn't your wife and child stay in Israel after Your death?" thought provoking stuff, as usual!


The Kingdom Of God is appalled that the Democratic leader of the House is going to The Middle East and conversing with The United States' enemies! The Democrats are just determined to destroy the war effort and to have us fail in Iraq! And they are going to the people that are most against us for support. This woman should be tried for treason, she should be removed from her office, discarded, and put in prison for the rest of her life because she is one of the foulest and evilest creatures that exists! It is her that is opening the passageways for the creatures of Darkness to come into The United States that are fighting Jesus! She is one of the foulest, darkest creatures on Earth, and that man supports her just appalls The Kingdom Of God!
Another small incident to report this morning, a minor official of The Jehovah's Witnesses who died recently and was in The Kingdom Of God was severely beaten and driven from The Kingdom Of God by his own people and cast out when he said that perhaps The Kingdom Of God should stop fighting the battles around Ellsworth, Maine, and try to negotiate with the creatures of Darkness, to send emissaries to them and try to arrange a peace between them. His people became totally enraged and drove him from The Kingdom Of God! The rest of the leaders of The Jehovah's Witnesses immediately went to Lord Peter and swore absolute obediance to Jesus, and that they supported the fighting, and, the establishing of God's residence on Earth completely, that this individual was still lost with the teachings of man, and didn't understand what he was saying! Lord Peter accepted his apology and all was smoothed over!


Evil Forever

We have received the complaint that the battles between good and evil have gone on forever, and what we're talking about isn't that important because the struggle will always continue, and we can't do anything about it. So why are we making such a fuss about it? Well, the circumstances now are far different. If the dark forces win now, they will destroy the human race, there's no doubt of it, there is no question, if they get the upper hand, if they break the balance between the living and the dead, the human race will die off, no matter what they do! There's no place they can hide, there's no place they can flee, they will die! That's the difference! The creatures of Darkness were a nuiscance before, but now they are a deadly threat. That's the difference! The struggle is now life and death. True, even if The Kingdom Of God's Forces win, there will always be evil, but that evil will be in control, and the natural balance will return. We pray that mankind comes to understand how important this struggle is!

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