April 8, 2,007
Nasty Sabbath Surprise

The sabbath of April 6th was a very good one for The Kingdom Of God. Jesus sat up a little surprise for the demons gathering to attack Him on Easter Sunday! He put the women on the line holding the positions around Ellsworth, and withdrew the men on the pertent that they were going to rest up for the big battle Sunday, and let the women handle the fight Saturday. Unbeknownst to the demons what Jesus was really planning was an offensive attack, because one of His military advisors who He trusts very much told Him "The best defense is a swift and sudden offense." So Jesus split His Forces into three groups, and attacked the demons at their staging areas, where they were preparing for the attack. It was a slaughter! For a while The Kingdom Of God's Forces outnumbered the demons. They really took advantage of it and the demons were really beaten up very, very badly! Many of them will not be able to be in any battles for several months! They will be crawling into some deep dark hole somewhere to heal their wounds and recover! So The Kingdom Of God did very well on the sabbath! It was funny! The ladies came on the Apostles' announcement towers and told everybody "They're a little bit busy right now! They're out fighting the demons. So you will get your full reports next week, but right now the men are doing a very much more important job!"
These battles were fought around the communities of Waterville, Agusta, Brunswick, and, Portland. The Kingdom Of God is concerned about the energy levels in those areas,wondering about the health of the people living in those communities because the demons have been using these for their staging areas for quite a while now, and There's sure to be a drain in those areas. These are phenomenal times, We say over and over again! Nothing like this has ever been seen! And the demons were still taunting Jesus, still telling Him that though We were able to fight them, though We were able to put up a battle, they will eventually win because He can't get support for us, He can't get support for His earthly workers. As long as they can keep us from getting support they will win. Jesus told them that this isn't so, sooner or later we will get support, and when we do it will be their end! We hope that support comes pretty soon, because we need it pretty bad! The demons were also taunting Jesus by saying that He couldn't even keep His own people's rules, that He was fighting on the sabbath and breaking the law of the sabbath. And that this means that where He was defeating His own rules, disobeying His own rules, that they would eventually, defeat Him because We couldn't even keep Our own commandments! Jesus said "I never taught people not to fight on the sabbath! God never taught people not to fight on the sabbath! I will defend my children on the sabbath! How many times was I complained about because I healed on the sabbath? Fighting you on the sabbath is no different than healing! So I will fight you whenever it is necessary to fight you! And God will praise me for doing so!" The demons didn't like that at all!
Linda's checkup went pretty good! She's able to take her brace off during the day and only has to wear it at night now, to protect her arm while she's sleeping. She can move it around a little bit. She still has to keep it in her sling. We're having an awful time trying to get the money to pay for the rehabilitation that she needs. We just don't have it, and we don't how we're going to arrange it. It's very hard for us to get up to the hospital because we have no transportation, but we're working on it. These are very, very difficult times and the creatures of Darkness are doing all they can to delay Our Work!
The Kingdom Of God has found two incidences that the demons have used to raise power to fight Jesus. There were two separate incidences where English soccer fans clashed with police. Using sports fanatics, making them angry and getting them to fight with people is one of the creatures of Darkness' most favorite ways of raising power to fight The Forces Of Light. These fool sports fanatics, these English morons do not understand that they are raising power for the creatures of Darkness to fight The Lord Of Light. They should get some common sense! These are only sporting events, they do not matter! You do not fight over them, you do not go out in the streets and riot over them! These poor fools have no idea of what they're doing and what they're being used for! But that's what they are, fools, because this stupid sport means so much to them. And there is a pro illegal immigration rally Saturday in Los Angeles that is nothing more than a power source for the creatures of Darkness. They are raising hate among the illegal immigrants towards the people that don't want them in this country, and using that to feed them so that they can fight Jesus! These stupid people that come here illegally and break the country's rules and expect that they can stay here and not pay any fines, and not be punished, that believe that they can ignore the law, and the law is for everyone else and not for them are feeding the creatures of Darkness! They do not care about anyone but themselves, and this is wrong! We are sad to hear that The Catholic Church is involved in this, and supporting these illegals! The Catholic Church should understand what the word illegal means. But of course they have been letting their priests do illegal things with children for years, so the law doesn't matter very much to Catholics. Also The Kingdom Of God has found information that a judge has allowed gay meetings in schools. They won't allow church groups to meet in schools, but they'll allow perverts, the insane who are trying to destroy other children's souls by leading them into sickness into the schools! This is absolutely ridiculous! And the dark creatures use these meetings to raise power that they use to fight Jesus! People do not believe these things, they believe these things are innocent, that these people have a right to speak out, but these people are raising hate and raising power that the dark creatures are using to fight The Lord Of Heaven, and it should stop!

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