May 21, 2,007
Evil Tactics

Years ago we were laughed at when Lee Harvey Oswald said in an interview we did with him that there was a second gunman, that he was not the only one that had shot Kennedy. Now the experts are beginning to agree with us! It's sad that it takes humans so long to recognize the truth. They simply want the lie so much. They don't want to admit that there could be so much conspiracy in the death of someone that was so beloved, that there could have been those that wanted his death so much. It is just so hard for them to face the truth, that there are so many sick people in the world!
In his endorsement President Eisenhower mentioned The Omega File. We have been asked "Do We know what The Omega File is?" Of course We do! But We can't directly describe it. That would violate age old agreements. Let's just say it's something every president of The United States has been aware of from the very first one...even before there was a United States! Yet no president will ever admit it exists, will never utter a thing that is in it because it is something that those in politics never want the public to know! But We know, and probably they wish We didn't!
In Saturday's "Here's Jesus!" He answers two important questions from a November, 2,002 episode, "What happens if a radio station rejects You?" and "Does anyone who has ever been to hell get to Heaven?" You won't want to miss this!

In Sunday's "Here's Jesus!" He answers another question from 2,002, "What happened to the innocents on Senator Wellstone's plane?" and a new one in segment two, "Is Linda one of Your power sources in The U.S.?" The great episodes never end!

We cannot believe how quiet it has been this weekend! It is almost disturbing that the creatures of Darkness have been so inactive. Not only are they not attacking in any of the places where there has been fighting, but The Kingdom Of God is making progress around the world! The creatures of Darkness just seem to have withdrawn everywhere. We know this is only a temporary situation. They are having trouble reenergizing. As soon as they do they'll be back with a vengeance! They are still determined to destroy mankind. But We believe they lost more of their major power sources than they were expecting. We have personally identified at least four in the last couple of weeks, and perhaps five, and We are expecting more.
Jesus wants us to tell people what to look for again; someone who dies suddenly, unexpectedly. They were most likely major supporters of the homosexual movement, or, major anti abortionists. If they were both it's a very good chance they were drained by the creatures of Darkness. Also those involved in the legalization of drugs could be victims. Anyone in any of these movements is a possible power source for the creatures of Darkness. They manipulate their hate of the good and use it to feed them, and no matter how much these people tell you they do not hate, they do. They hate anyone that will not accept their evil, that will not give them what they want. They despise the just and the honorable. The ones in the most danger are the ones that call decent people homophobes because they will not accept their sickness. They are opening themselves completely to the creatures of Darkness, giving themselves over to them and are virtually their puppets! If you see anyone that is constantly preaching anyone that opposes homosexuality is homophobic and needs treatment those people are in grave danger. If you hear of any of these people that have died suddenly and you think We may not have gotten the information, let Us know. It is vital that We track the creatures of Darkness' feeding sources. We can make some effort to disrupt them when We become aware of them.
The Kingdom Of God has had some success in blocking the creatures of Darkness' travel since they have really located their means of getting around. They have not completely stopped it, but they are making it more and more difficult for the creatures of Darkness to bring fresh reinforcements to the battles. Every bit of information that We have increases Our power, every bit of information that is given to the public increases Our power. The silent are killing mankind. They are destroying their children. So We must somehow, make them speak!
One of the greatest problems We are having right now is fighting some of the absolute foolishness that is being put out by the creatures of Darkness to divert mankind from the real issues. One of the worst at this moment that is crippling some of our finest Workers is the theory that the government of The United States actually put explosives in The World Trade Center and brought it down, that it was not the terrorists. Sadly, this absolute nonsense is believed by some really good people, and it is keeping them from doing God's true Work. It was the fuel on the planes that brought down The World Trade Center. There were no explosives. Jesus begs those in the world to turn away from these false ideas and the foolish people that teach them, and listen to Those who bear The Light. Some think this is not serious, that it is laughable, but it is very serious! It is one of the creatures of Darkness' greatest weapons; distract God's children, distract the true believers, tie them down with false information, get them teaching nonsense so they won't teach the Truth. Many are being destroyed by this evil tactic.


I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.
( Thomas Jefferson, )

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