Lord Krishna asked me to send you a hard copy of this correspondence though the message was also sent by email. He feels a hard copy should be sent so that there is no question that my people, The Spiritist Republic, are making this offer to The Hindu People, that in a hundred years when we are returning to the stars, they will give them an entire world, equal to Earth in exchange for the services that are provided now in Our efforts to save mankind. Christianity must be restored! Those who have turned it into a negative force must be removed from it, and its true nature brought back. The same is true of Islam. Those who are using it as an instrument of hate must be stopped! If We lose any part of The Afterlife all will crumble! We are entertwined. We must protect each other. If We do not, We all will fall. As this document is written on behalf of Lord Krishna, and my wife is his recognized representative on Earth, he has asked that she sign it as a further bond with The Hindu People, strengthening the bond between us.

Yours In Best Regards,
A Servant Of The Enlightened,
Speaker Gerald Polley

Signed By
Speaker Linda Polley
As A Representative Of The Hindu Alliance in The Afterlife



Below is a copy of the letter that was sent by The Ruler Of The Kingdom Of Ishmael to The Pakistani Embassy for delivery to their president. Also at the beginning of it is an addition that was put on it and the whole thing was sent to the people of India. Again I must relay the wishes of God The Father and The Steward Of The Kingdom Of Ishmael that you provide us a dwelling in Washington and some recognition as a spokesman for the people of Islam on behalf of those in The Afterlife. They want some kind of diplomatic status that would give us diplomatic immunity, allow us to funciton in any country without interference from the United States' government. I do not know if this is possible. But if it is their joy at you fulfilling their wishes would be great. As Lord Krishna says we can build a force to defend the world, to save mankind, but we must do it together. None of us can stand alone. If we do not unite as The Afterlife is united, the world will perish, it will shrivel and die. These are very difficult times. Drastic measures are required. I will serve in any capacity that I am asked to serve. If you would give me the authority that God is requesting I would carry out those duties to the utmost of my abilities. But I would have to have support. So I would not be doing more harm than good. The Hindu God Brahma has offered to make the servant he requests a Goddess. God offers the same thing to a daughter of Islam, power and glory beyond imagination, honor beyond belief. I would remind you that as much as I can I would like to pay my own way. I have many books online that I would like to have putout in Arabic. Many people believe they would sell very well. If a publisher in your country would agree to take on these books and give me an advance after taxes, those in The Kingdoms would be extremely grateful and we have many more that have never been published anywhere. We much prefer this to taking payments. But we will abide by your wishes. Both Krishna and Ali ibn
Abi Talib complain about the weakness of my pride, that I wish so much not to burden others but still carry out my mission. But this is something that cannot be helped. It is part of my people's nature. But I would like to hear from your ambassador. I would like to know if there is anyone in Saudi Arabia that desires to fulfill God's wishes, desires to protect their children and restore the glory of Islam. We know the power is there, we just need the people to use it.

Speaker Gerald Polley

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The Girls Will Have It!

Again we have received the comments that we cannot promise to make young women Goddesses, that we cannot put them over men. That if new worlds come into being they would have to be ruled by a man, not a woman. A man could not take second place. Well, it's like this. If God says "I'm giving The Hindus this world, I'm Brahma, their God, always have been, always will be and I say I'm giving a woman authority over it and her consort shall be second to her, guess what? That's what's gonna be! No matter how many people don't like it, no matter how many people scream about it, no matter how much it hurts mens' egos, that's what's gonna be!" If God says "That's what is!" That's what is and no force on Earth will stop it. They can try. The egotistical men that think they dominate everything can try, but they will fail, no question of it, no doubt of it, no hint of it, they'll fail! When God says this is so, it is so! It might take a while to fix the problem but it will be fixed. And those that get in His way wish they hadn't. It's that simple! These worlds are being promised to the ladies. Other places the men will have dominance, can't be avoided. There's always some men that have to be dominant. But on these worlds the women will be equal. No gender will be dominant over the other. The women will rule but it will be with the consent of the men that love them, because that is the way it always should be!

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