January 23, 2,008
I Still Hold The Dream



As the idea of moving presents itself, there are small little problems that you are confronted with. Gerald does not know what to do with the set of plastic dishes that we have used for over thirty years. We bought them in the department store in Bangor, Maine just after we were married and they have gone everywhere with us. But Gerald just doesn't see the sense of keeping them when we've got a nice set of china dishes now. They're plastic and they don't hold spiritual energy. He'll probably put them in with the things that we'll take to the mission store. But it will be the end of an era. They served us long and well. In the "Here's Jesus!" video episode from December 6, 2,005, Jesus tells what happened to the real spirit of L. Ron Hubbard. It is now up at her MySpace page. Here's the link.




We have been asked what The Kingdom Of God thinks of the standardized test programs being used in New York City to determine if the schools are doing their job. The tests tell rather or not the children have gained fundamental skills in reading, and, math. Many parents complain that because so much time is spent on these subjects to prepare the children for the tests other activities are being neglected, such as music and art. Well, The Kingdom Of God feels that children learning to read and write is far more important than them taking part in extra corricular activities. Music and art are nice, but what the children need are the skills that are going to enable them to get good jobs and make a decent living. Emphasis should be put on making sure that when children graduate from school they have learned the basics. These things come before music, art and sports. There are some that will disagree, but this is The Kingdom Of God's feelings on the matter. Let us equip our children for the struggles of life!

Here's John Lennon's latest message to Yoko Ono. Of course it is in the form of a song. Unfortunately Gerald is not up to singing new songs. He can do quite well on the old ones, but he just doesn't have the strength right now to try to memorize new ones. So we can't record it because John wants a man to sing it. It's basically a love song to a woman. So we're trying to get some of our friends to get somebody to sing it. They can get ahold of Linda and she can give them the music. But it's the same basic music to "Remeber The Springtime." Even John is pressed for time right now, and has to recycle.



By; John Lennon

Channeled Through; Linda J. Polley
All rights reserved.



1. The day that I left you
I hadn't a dream,
What would be waiting
in Heaven for me?
That I'd be a hero
was laughter to me,
That I'd save the world
never thought it would be!



2. Now they call me a hero
for the things I have done,
They say I'm the greatest
of all Heaven's Sons,
The glory They give me
is nothing to me,
The love that I'm sharing
is only a dream.



3. I long so to touch you
to give you my dreams,
To tell you of Heaven
and all that I've seen,
Yes, I have another
but she shares my dream,
To have you here with me
and cherish our dreams.



4. Yes, I am a hero,
the power I've seen!
The enemies of Heaven
they now from me flee,
But I am still empty,
I can't have my dream,
To have you here with me,
and sharing these things.



5. I wish so you'd hear me,
with all that I be,
I wish so you'd answer,
and share in my dream,
That we'd be together
is still deep in me,
That we'll be together
for eternity.



That we'll be together
for eternity.



Gerald's been continuing the email campaign to Florida. He's been a little down the last couple days and hasn't got as much as usual. He got 45 newspapers and 51 radio stations. We are hoping to get a response from The Mormons in California in a day or so. The letter should have reached them by now. Joseph Smith and Jesus have stationed themselves at the main temple and have been encouraging the people there to receive the letter and accept it. We can only pray they succeed!
All's quiet with the creatures of Darkness, probably saving everything they have for an all out effort if we make contact in Los Angeles.
Got a tremendous boost in energy Friday night when Gene Simmons of Kiss said on "Jimmy Kimmel, Live!" "Behind every great man is a great woman. Of course this started with Mary Magdalene and Jesus." And Jimmy said "Do you really know this is where it comes from?" The power just surged into The Kingdom Of God! It is so incredible that a late night t.v. talk show produces more power for The Kingdom Of God than all the t.v. evangelists combined, actually approximately three times the power! This should be a message to the Christian community that there's something wrong with their evangelists, there's something very wrong with them!


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