An Open Letter From God The Father
To First Lady Laura Bush

December 7, 2,008

Below is a letter I have written to The Prime Minister Of India telling him of the treasures that We wish to give to the Indian and the Pakistani people. We are doing Our best to make the people aware of what We are offering. If you could help We'd appreciate it. And there is a possession of Speaker Polley's that I would like you to take charge of also, to insure the bond between me and the people of The United States. On the wall behind us when we do our videos is an American flag. This flag was given to Speaker Polley by a dear friend who asked that when he is cremated he be wrapped in this flag, that the bond between him and The United States will never be broken. I ask you to come to North Dakota and in the name of The American People take possession of this flag and protect it until the time that it is needed, then return it to Speaker Polley and cover him with it so that the desires of his dear friend will be fulfilled. If you cannot fulfill this mission yourself I would ask you that your family keep the flag safe and when it is needed one of your female descendants perform this duty. This is my dearest wish, that the bond between The Speaker and The United States never be broken no matter where he goes, no matter what he does I want it known that that which binds him to this nation is protected and cherished and will be brought to him when its services are needed.

He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

An Open Letter From God The Father Who Is Called By The Hindu People Brahma And By The Islamic People Allah
To The Prime Minister Of India And His People Through His Embassy In Washington DC
And To Be Shared With The Media Of The World

December 7, 2,008

Most Profound Greetings!

For some time I have been emailing The President Of Pakistan asking him to accept the services of my dear friend and servant Speaker Gerald Polley of Bismarck, North Dakota, to take charge of dealing with the terrorist attack in Mumbai, seeing to the punishment of those who organized this atrocity. I am writing to you to ask you to contact The President Of Pakistan and encourage him to fulfill my wishes. I have prepared a response to this incident which will be carried out December 30th, 2,008. But I have been asked to be merciful and to offer an alternative. I cannot speak of that alternative here, but I wish that The Indian People send a representative to Speaker Polley and find out what it is I am proposing, to see if it would be satisfactory with The People Of India. I believe it would be. But having their approval would make things much easier for us.
I wish to show my good favor, to show that I will bestow my blessings upon India, if The Indian People will fulfill my wishes. In Speaker Polley's home are many religious objects of incredible power. Some of them are common household items, but because they have been in my earthly residence they have gained tremendous spiritual power and have become religious icons. There is in Speaker Polley's home, a felt portrait of John Lennon of the rock band The Beatles, who has become one of my most powerful servants, and as you know has a great connection with India and is very fond of your nation. This portrait was the portal through which he went back and forth between The Afterlife and the material world to do his work with The Polleys. It has tremendous spiritual power! In future times it may be considered priceless. As a gesture of good will I offer it to The People Of India so that my power and glory may be carried from The United States to India, so when Speaker Polley needs to journey there there will already be a source of power for him to draw upon. India will be in possession of one of his most precious treasures. I ask The Ambassador Of India in The United States to go to Speaker Polley in North Dakota, take charge of this portrait, prepare it for shipping, and send it to India, where it should be placed in a proper recepticle to protect it where the people may come, receive its blessings, and offer prayers to their protector. This is a tremendous gift. It is an offering of good will that many would believe to be foolish, that no one should part with such a treasure for the sake of others. But it will be given freely to the Indian people. While The Ambassador is in Speaker Polley's home he could be informaed of what I intend to do in Pakistan, and take that information back to be transmitted to the Indian prime minister.
This is a gesture of love. This is a gesture of caring that I believe The People Of India should accept. I still seek the Goddess in India that will join Speaker Polley and become the protector of The Indian People, to shield them from the darker side of his power. If this could also be discussed while The Ambassador visits I would be grateful. I promise India a whole new world, a home in the stars. But without their Goddess this cannot come to be. So her service is vital. I ask The People Of India to call upon their government to receive the gift that I offer, to have my power and glory brought to them that I may strengthen them in these terrible hours.
I cannot make such an offer to India without offering something to Pakistan, also, to show my good will to them. Where The Islamic People do not believe in images, it was hard for us to think of something, then Speaker Polley mentioned his staff. I objected to this. This is the symbol of his authority among his people, a simple wooden staff

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