December 13, 2,008

An Open Letter From Speaker Gerald Polley
To First Lady Laura Bush

Below is the next part of the story I have been writing about The Ancient One and his new helper. Explains a lot about what is going on. God likes to use stories to explain things. Remember Jesus' parables? You could probably call these modern day parables. I had to cancel my consultation with the doctor about a colonoscopy. Simply can't afford it. But God wanted me to send you a copy of this story. This young woman is only helping us in the spiritual aspects. We wish so much we could afford to bring her for a visit so she could help in the material aspects, but she can't afford a trip and we deffinitely couldn't fund it. Maybe some day we'll hit on a volunteer. But the only real solution is the one that God wants, courier/protectors for each major religion and the funds to take care of them. It grows every day! It used to be that $50,000 in the bank would be enough but now a million after taxes might not be enough! So how much would we have to raise before taxes? And we'd like to do it before the end of the year so that we would know precisely how much funds we would have for next year. I'd probably have to sell several manuscripts and quite a few songs to raise that much! But if we could get India to purchase the rights to publish our work in HIndu and The Islamic People to purchase our works in Arabic, we might be able to raise what we need! Of course to arrange this would take a person of considerable influence, and we don't know where we could find such a person right now that isn't bonded to too many other things and can't let go of them. Bonding is a tremendous problem. Bonding to the right things is perfectly fine. Bonding to the wrong ones is a serious problem!

A Servant Of Him That Dwells In The Holiest Of All,
Now And Forever

An Open Letter From Speaker Gerald Polley
To The King Of Saudi Arabia

Below is the second part of my fiction story that God is having me do about the current situation. God loves to use stories to explain things.
Remember Jesus' parables? They're great tools to make people understand things. Sometimes just telling people things doesn't seem to work, but putting it into a story makes them perceive it far better. You can see why The Islamic Protector is still needed. She would be able to commit, to bond unlike an adult. She would be willing to make the survival of her people her hopes and dreams. She would be able to give all that she could give in such an effort. She would be willing to give herself over completely to someone else in order to accomplish this task. The bond she would be able to create would be enough for her to open phenomenal powers, to do incredible things, to give more hope than we have been able to give before. We cannot do this alone. God gives us the power, but unless we can get others to share it with, we will fail. We simply cannot bear the load. It's too much! We have to spread it out, to use it effectively. We need support both spiritually and materially. I wrote The First Lady and told her that we need a million dollars after taxes before the first of the year just to get things set up for this project, to give us what we need to operate independently. We believe we could raise this amount if we could get somebody in The Islamic World to purchase the rights to print our books in Arabic, and to get somebody in the Hindu faith to purchase the rights to print them in Hindu. Consider this possibility.
I know we've asked before. But take a look at some of our works on line. Everybody loves them! There's so many of them there that people believe would be worth that much to a publisher in one nation, let alone, two! If you don't think we're right, tell us so! If you don't think any of these works would be of interest to Islamic people, let us know, but at least consider it and look for your protector. It cannot hurt to seek her out and to present her with the proposal, to find out if she would be willing to protect her people. Then perhaps it would not be necessary for The Angel Of Destruction to do what he is doing now.

A Servant Of Him That Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

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Why Does Everybody Think Of Sex?

People really irritate us sometimes! They say that what we're doing is pure sexism, that souls aren't sexual and what we're saying wouldn't be necessary at all. This is one of the greatest false teachings of those who try to promote sexual activity among the same genders. And this has nothing to do with sexism, whatsoever, other than to show that the female is just as important as the male. If the situation was just reversed and it was a woman that was in need of such balancing you men would be needed, not young women. It is a matter of energy, not gender. And when somebody has an overabundance of energy they need somebody of the opposite gender to drain it off. Those who only want to associate with one gender don't like these teachings because it shows the untruth of the sickness that they teach. But we do not believe in sexism. We believe in judging each person by their capabilities, and we don't want these young women because of their sex, but because of their abilities. By combining their abilities with ours we could save the world!

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