This is the copy of two letters we have sent out today, one from myself to The King Of Saudi Arabia, telling him that there is something that positively and absolutely can't be done, no matter how desperate our situation, and another to The First Lady from God telling her what God wants done on inauguration day. We cannot tell you how angry he is with Obama, with everyone around him, that he allows this sickness, that he accepts this perversion. That is why we can have nothing to do with him, why God will not even let us speak to him. When he does things like this he is not our President. We will never recognize him as our President. We can accept no man that sodomizes boys, and any man that allows homosexual activity is sodomizing children, it's that simple! Everybody will scream and holler but we will have nothing to do with this administration! They are unGodly, they are without conscious. We cannot accept them, we cannot deal with them. We will fight them every legal way we can!

Speaker Gerald Polley

An Open Letter From God The Father
To First Lady Laura Bush

Most Profound Greetings To One Who Is Still My Greatest Daughter!

Below is a letter that Demetrius has written to The King Of Saudi Arabia. Demetrius is showing his stubbornness again! But it is his nature to protect children and as much as We want something no matter how much good it would do for Us, when he sets his mind on something, that's it! Nothing will change it! It would even be dangeorus for anyone to try to offer him something to get him to change his mind! So it is simply best that this idea of using some of the courier/protectors for these purposes should be dropped. It is too bad. The young women do have the power. I believe they could handle the emotional stress. But Demetrius is the actual one that does these things, so it is best to follow his judgment. Now, to the other matter that was mentioned.
I am completely irate that Obama will be having an announced gay and lesbian group march in his inauguration parade. I cannot accept this! I cannot tolerate it. I absolutely forbid it! This acceptance of perversion, this encouraging of sodomy is simply unacceptable! I am making this letter an official decree, and I am personally asking you to arrange a boycott of the inauguration. I am asking you not to attend, and I am asking your husband not to attend. I am asking both of you not to sodomize my children, not to tell young men that it is acceptable for them to give themselves to men, and not to tell young women that it is acceptable for them to give themselves to women. I ask you to declare without question, that this is against my way and you will not accept it, that those teaching it must be stopped. I created perfection, I created male and female. I gave the men women to fulfill their every joy, and I gave the women men to fulfill their every need. There is nothing else! Absolutely nothing else is acceptable! What I created is perfect. What I created is divine. There is no substitute. Even denying what I created and forbidding it is against me. Even those that do nothing with the opposite gender defile me.
I ask you to call upon every senator, every representative, every justice and ask them not to attend the inauguration, ask them not to support sodomy. I ask you to call out to The American People and have it so when these abominations march through the streets, the streets are empty, there is no one to listen to their sickness, no one to listen to the praise of their filth. I ask you, personally, as my daughter and as my servant, to do these things, to rise my people against this evil. I would like to see massive anti gay marriage demonstrations in San Francisco Christmas Day, and, in Orlando, Florida. I would like the people that call themselves Christians to give up their traditional celebrations and go to these places and express my will that these things are wrong and must not be allowed. Homosexuals cannot marry, and they cannot adopt children to raise in their sickness. It is simply unthinkable and that so many approve of it shows how far mankind has fallen. And I would like anti inauguration demonstrations in Washington DC on election day. I want to see hundreds of thousands of people peacefully demonstrating carrying signs that say "No Gay, No Way!" and "You Won't Do That To Our Children!" This is what I would like you to arrange. I doubt that you will because so many around you have poisoned your mind, have turned you against me, have made you accept this abomination telling you you must be politically correct. But I will tell you now, those who are telling you to be politically correct are doomed! They will not enter my kingdom. They are destroying my children! I beg of you not to be among them!

He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All Now, And, Forever

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A human being can stand any amount of pain. ( Frank Herbert, Dune )

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