December 21, 2,008

Just wondering if you recognize this place from my dream.

An Open Letter From Speaker Gerald Polley
To The King Of Saudi Arabia
And Other Islamic Countries

I have been having a repeated dream about The Saudi Arabians giving me a facility in Washington DC to use for four years. We have checked out the area and here is a link to what we found out. ( See Page 35 )
It is strange, as we say on this page, that such a dream does not prove true, and we wonder if this facility might belong to someone else who The Saudis get to let us use it. We noticed the building looked something like the Indian embassy but had less floors, and was separated, by itself. But on to another matter.
I had one of those very disturbing dreams last night that was so realistic! It even had our sticking front door in it! Representatives arrived from India, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia to pick up the artifacts that we have offered them and two young girls, relatives of the representatives came to be temporary protectors to help restore my power until the permanent courier protectors arrived. One of the young women who was perhaps fourteen or fifteen seemed very upset. I took her aside and asked her how long she had been pregnant. She immediately began to beg me not to kill her, or have her sent to her homeland and be killed. She seemed to think that this was to be her fate the moment it was found out she was with child. Apparently this is what she had been told by the person that had impregnated her, if she exposed him.
I immediately insisted that she be taken to the hospital and checked out. It was found she had a mild infection that could be easily taken care of. Her father assured her she would be well taken care of and I assured her that she could continue to help and she would not be harmed. But even when we got her back from the hospital and she took over for her mother who had been filling in for her, it still took a great deal of effort to comfort her and make her understand that even if she could not be a permanent protector a place would be made for her and she could help with the Work, and her baby would be welcome.
In the dream I made it very clear to her father that the one who had done this that had so terrified her, was to be punished. He assured me the man would be. He would be lucky if he lived! I said I would be very pleased if he did not! I do not exactly know the significance of this dream but any young woman in such circumstances who has been abused and taken advantage of should know without question that she would be perfectly safe in my care. Such things appall me, that some young woman would be punished because a cruel man took advantage of her is beyond my understanding! And any seeking to associate themselves with me should understand that without question.
In such a situation I would hold the man responsible, not the child, and I would do all in my power to protect both children, the living one, and, the one unborn unless the living child really wanted to be rid of it. In the dream I told the girl's mother I was well aware that she knew what had been done, and had said nothing. But if she continued to serve no punishment would be given. But she was never to be quiet about any such thing again! She assured me she wouldn't be.
These are very disturbing dreams, things that deeply bother Us, things that are unacceptable. No woman should sacrifice her child to protect a cruel and abusive man! And any woman that would would not last long at the end of her life. For the only thing that would await her would be eternal death, no matter how much she had been taught to be obedient.

A Servant Of Him That Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever


With Free Will Only

Someone has asked why do We think it is America's responsibility to see to the well being of every little girl in the world? Don't We have enough of Our own problems? Don't We have enough of Our own children to protect? Why should We be responsible for everybody else's well being? Why should We be putting pressure on other governments to end practices that have gone on for centuries? One very simple reason, well, two, actually. God wants Us to, and We have the power to! The United States has the influence to get other governments to take action, so little eight year old girls aren't sold as brides to pay debts, or even twelve or thirteen year old girls. Though God considers a girl of twelve responsible she is still too young to marry. She needs a few more years. With her consent such a child might become betrothed and promise herself to someone when she comes of age, as long as she is not mistreated or sexually abused. If later she decides that she wants to set aside this agreement, that would be her right but the family would become liable for the debt again. These are age old practices, and God does not forbid them as long as everybody taking part in them does so of their free will. If a daughter is willing to give herself to pay the family's debts, though some people might not like it, that is her right. As long as she is not forced, it is acceptable. If she feels it is her duty to fulfill the family's honor, she should not be denied that. Times are different. But still some people believe in age old ways. And as long as everything is done honorably God does not object. But reasonability must be followed, and abuse must not be allowed.

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