Here is a letter I have sent to The King Of Saudi Arabia that I am sharing with other Islamic nations because the message in it is very important to them. Your future is being thrown away for hate. Your destiny is being denied so the ungodly can murder and seize power. You should be requesting of the King that he hears my voice and does my bidding so that the future that is intended for you will be fulfilled, so that Islam will never pass away but be glorified forever.

God The Father

December 28, 2,008

An Open Letter From God The Father
To The King Of Saudi Arabia

I am getting great pleas from The Palestianian People to help them. I will tell you, I am trying my best, and there's a way that you can cooperate. I know full well that many of the people in your country are funding the arms that The Palestinians are using against The Israelis. This should not be. If you really want to help The Palestinians tell these people to fund Demetrius instead, Speaker Gerald Polley. How much are they spending, 30, 40 million dollars a year to help the dark creatures that are controlling The Palestinians to kill? You know this is something that will have to be answered for, something I cannot accept, something that is putitng many of your people in danger, and that you should be concerned with. You know those doing this will not enter Paradise. They are funding murder. And no matter how just they believe their cause is, they will not be accepted. So tell them! Instead of giving this money to The Palestinians give a tenth of it to Speaker Gerald Polley and he will not only make a place for The Palestinians on Earth, but make a place for all of the people of Islam in the stars! He will glorify The Palestinians and make them a great people that will do good for all the world. This is what they should be funding. They should be supporting their Father's efforts to bring peace, to end this insanity.
Three million dollars after taxes would be enough so that the good Speaker could fund his Work for the rest of his life in the modest way he lives. And he would not even want this to be a direct gift. He is determined to pay his own way. His dear wife has just finished typing one of his marvelous stories. It is a tale of a young sailor in a futuristic war that raises in rank to become the commander of a valiant fighting vessel that in a desperate hour saves all of mankind. If such a loan was made to him he would give you all rights to this story so that you could sell it anywhere in the world, that you could have it printed in any language and sell it everywhere. And if that wasn't enough to repay the loan he would give you another story, and yet another one until the debt was repaid. His talent is endless!
Here's an example. We have humiliated the Republican Party by getting one of their members that wants to take the leadership to send out a humiliating song about President Elect Obama, showing his character. Now people complain that some of the little cartoons Speaker Polley has made about Hillary Clinton are also offensive, but I think they're just expressions of truth. Here are the links to the most popular ones. Check them out! Give me your opinion. Didn't talented people create these things, people that with a little bit of support could save the world?

Look what We can do! We want to send a little message to President Elect Obama that We are displeased with the lifestyle of some of those people working with him, so We send a little lightning bolt to knock out the power in Hawaii for eleven hours. Actually it was one of his relatives that did the job because she's not too happy with some of the people hanging around her granddaughters. When I have allies such as this how can I be defeated?
I wish so much President Obama's good wife would tell him that "If there's going to be gays and lesbians in The White House I will not live there, I will stay someplace elese where my daughters will be safe until your presidency is concluded." We can dream that there are still women of such honor that will not expose their children to such evil. Unfortunately there are very few of them left. Fifty per cent of the American women will sell their children for material gain. This is a sad state. But maybe some day We can turn this situation around and decency will return to the world.
Oh! Speaking of decency, when you do start working with Demetrius, and I have every belief that someday you will, keep any members of The UN away from him! He cannot stomach them! Their philosophies sicken him. Their ideal of surrendering to evil for the sake of a false peace infuriates him! Their constant demands that Israel stop defending itself while they allow others to attack them makes it so that Demetrius would never have any dealings with them. So it's best you make sure they keep their distance, it would be much better for all concerned.
As I still wish the courier/protectors to be made available to Demetrius I would remind you that one of the first things The Islamic Protector could do would be to give The Palestinians a tenth of the new world in the stars for their cooperation. Promise them not only a homeland here on Earth, but the tenth of an entire world if they will learn to live in peace with their neighbors and respect their cousins, and protect the inheritance that Father Abraham gave them, that I gave them. This is why The Islamic Protector is so needed. Because she controls the dispersal of these

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