An Open Letter From Princess Diana Who Is Called In Heaven Queen
To Her Sons Harry and William
16-09-00 AJ


How joyous I am to watch you in your magnificent manhood, that every dream that I aspired for you is coming true, except one, that I could get you out of the royal insanity, and have you be men by your own accord. But I am so pleased that you try so hard to be true men despite the insanity that you are trapped in. The other day Speaker Gerald A. Polley, Our beloved Demetrius, was reading how you are coming into your inheritance. I wish so he would ask you to directly assist him in his efforts, to make him some loans without interest so he could get the courier/protectors that are necessary to save us all. But he will not do that. However, he has permitted that I send you this letter through him because he is working on a most marvelous project that I want to be a part of so desperately.
He is seeking to raise money and to purchase land from Egypt to create a homeland for The Palestinians, to end the decades of war, to bring peace between The Palestinians and The Israelis without sacrificing any part of Israel which would only bring disaster. He wishes to raise this money by his own efforts, so this is what I would like you to do on my behalf. Contact Elton John and ask him to do concerts across England, anywhere in the world that he can go singing Speaker Polley's new songs which I consider are very beautiful, and give 50% of everything he makes on these concerts to Speaker Polley to go directly into the fund to purchase the Palestinian homeland.
At each of these concerts I would like Elton to put a portrait of me on the stage, and to state that though him and Speaker Polley disagree totally on sexuality, he is doing this for me and, for the children of Palestine. There are especially three songs I would like to have him do, "Remember The Springtime," John Lennon's love song to Yoko, which I believe is just as appropriate for a son to think of in memories of his mother. I would also like to have him do "Morning Dove" in remembrance of the time that I so joyously carried you within myself. And I would also like to have him do "The Speaker's Theme" in honor of Speaker Polley. I would leave it up to him to choose what other songs from Speaker Polley's vast collection that he would like to do. But there is one song of his that I request, of course, "Candle In The Wind".
There is something else I would like you to do. In order to create this Palestinian homeland there is going to be a vast need for fresh water. Speaker Polley visualizes solar powered distillation plants along their coast to turn salt water into fresh, and condensation towers in the interior to take water out of the air. I would appreciate it very much if you would hire a company in Japan, the Japanese People need the work, and have them design the distillation plants. To help pay for this project I would like you to produce glasses with a portrait of me on one side and a map of Palestine on the other, and the words around it "Fulfill her dream for the children of Palestine." Here's the link to a rough map that Speaker Polley made some time ago showing where Palestine would be. I think this should be used on the glasses so there would be a link to him so that his work would be in the project.


I would like you and your brother to manufacture these glasses and sell them throughout the world to raise money to build these distillation facilities when The Palestinians have their homeland, to sit aside the funds in a special account so it would be ready when needed. I would like you to hire the Bin Laden company to build these plants, using Palestinian labor.

You do not know how much it would please me if you were to do these things, my Earl Of Huntingdon, my noble lord! It is time to remember the days of old, the promises that were made to the true king, The Lord Of The Forest, to pledge your bow and your shaft to his service and again make a great Briton! You are called The Prince Of Wales. The Welch in The Afterlife do not recognize this, but they have said to me that "If your son does these things if you ask we will honor him as our prince. For he will be a man worth honoring." You do not know how much this would please me.
We are in a terrible struggle. We are fighting for the very survival of the human race, against those who would corrupt the world. I ask you not to stand with them, but to oppose them. Oh, be careful if you negotiate with The Bin Ladens. One of their daughters would like to be Queen Of England, which might not be a bad thing!
There is one other thing I must say to you. I wish you to give a message to your father, and to Camilla. I hold neither of you in any ill will. What happened was the fault of none of us, but because of the sickness in the mind of another. Harry should've been your child, Camilla, and I desire that he always treat you with every dignity, as if he was. And I hope you will encourage him to achieve the greatness that I inspire that he have, that he not only be known as the prince of England but as a man who accomplished wonders because he followed the servant of God. I wish so much that you could have a son and Harry and William could abdicate and the rightful heir sit on the throne of England. This would not in any way displease me, but give me the greatest joy. For it is what should have been. I wish to speak of no bitterness towards anyone. I wish to keep this out of my soul in this message. But I wish to tell those I love how much I love them, and the greatness I wish for them.
I will conclude Harry, William, by saying to you don't just be figureheads. Don't just be symbols. Be men and accomplish greatness. Let your royalty mean something. Let it give something to the world so that the woman that eventually stands by your side will be able to say "I did not marry a prince, I married a man!"


A Joyous Servant Of Him That Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever


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