An Open Letter From John Lennon
Apostle To Jesus Christ
To The Media Of The World
11-10-09 AJ

Substituting for God The Father to bring you the latest goings on. Here's the link to a little tribute that Demetrius, Speaker Gerald A. Polley did for me for my birthday, bless his heart!

I wouldn't like Demetrius' job as his people's advocate here in The Afterlife. He gets some of the strangest problems! I just have to tell you the latest. It seems some of his people are very upset because a coronor's assistant who worked for some years in a certain European country found it quite humorous to switch people's organs before the bodies were released, put women's brains in men's bodies and switch hearts and other things around. When Demetrius confronted him on it he said "Come on! It was just a joke. I was just having a little fun. Don't you have a sense of humor?" Demetrius answered "No!" and kicked the guy out into the Darkness where he quickly went poof! I don't think he considered it very funny then, either! The problem is the people whose organs were switched are now extremely drawn to the people who have their organs, messing up some old and established relationships. No, Demetrius doesn't have a sense of humor. Neither does anyone else on something like that.
It absolutely amazes Us that Obama has gotten the Peace Prize when he continues, or, his minions continue to destroy years of work and set back the efforts to establish true peace. We have been working for decades to get Turkey to admit to their genecide in Armenia and give back the territories that were stolen from these people so that We may finally end these hostilities. We were making good progress. Now Hillary has come along and destroyed Our efforts, talked The Armenians into accepting an accord that will not last, that will quickly fail without Turkey accepting its guilt and admitting the brutality of its ancestors. And she is being praised for her utter failure! Appeasement never works. We will be so glad when this foul woman is out of office, and We will have people in Washington that will be supporting Our efforts to make peace and not destroying everything that We're trying to do. These protocols will not work. We will not let them work! This creature of Darkness will be shown for what she is, an incompetant fool.
Here's the latest art work.

We are also very angry that Obama went to the yearly meeting of a homosexual group and told them that he would soon fulfill his promises to them and praised them for the progress that they have made, progress that they have made; they have destroyed thousands of young souls forever, leading them into their debauchery. Obama praises them? I will tell them right now, soon We will drive them back, soon We will break their power and decency will return to the world. Country after country We will make their sickness illegal, and We will keep it illegal in other countries. They will be driven back into the shadows where they belong and they will not be teaching their filth to Our children! This is my promise to the world, this is my promise to the homosexuals. Leave Our children alone and We will not bother you. Try to make your sickness legal and We will crush you, We will break everyone that supports you. It is only a matter of time, and We have eternity! The Earth will not wither and die because of you. Know you have an enemy, an enmy with power that you cannot even understand, and no matter how powerful your friends your enemies are far more powerful. And your enemies will succeed, not your friends!
Have to tell you what I am doing right now. It is too late for the creatures of Darkness to mount any kind of effort against Us. God was so upset about Obama being given the Peace Prize that he decided to take a break for a few hours. Demetrius' friend visiting him from afar offered to take him on a tour of the solar system along with God The Mother, and show them some of the wonders in the vicinity of Their creation. God decided to take the offer and is now out there looking at some of the wonders that are near at hand, with two telepaths serving as their mediums thorugh which they communicate and observe. For the last 24 hours or so during my birthday I have been completely in charge of The Kingdoms Of God and thereby, the entire Afterlife. Fortunately Murphy's Law did not take effect, and no great emergency has arisen, forcing Us to call God back. Everybody is praising my efforts, which are not that much, because I have plenty of help. But I would like more. There are twelve young women in the world, and, three young men who God is calling to do extrodinary service and offering the reward of His power and glory. I ask everyone to call upon those young people to come forth and take their place, so We can save mankind. I need them, everyone needs them.
God is asking all the children of The United States to support Him by asking their parents not to buy Christmas presents this year, to instead go with them to church on Christmas Eve and pray that they not be sold into sodomy, into inhuman bondage by Obama, that he be defeated and they have eternal life. I ask all in America to spread this message, ask every child in America that stills believes in God to stand for Him, no matter what their age, not in hate, but in the just rejection of evil. For God would tell no one to harm any homosexual unless they were harming them. He will tell His children to defend themselves, but He would never tell them to hurt the feeble minded.

A Servant Of Him That Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

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