An Open Letter From John Lennon
Apostle Of Jesus Christ
To Pope Benedict XVI The Vicar Of Rome
12-10-00 AJ

Because of your rebellion against Him, God will no longer communicate with you because you are lost in the false teachings of the anti abortion movement and will not respond to God's truths. But I have a few more hours as Heaven's temporary Ruler, and I will make a desperate appeal to you that you join Our efforts. I ask you to publically announce that if God can fulfill His wishes and get His servants to California so that He may use Speaker Gerald A. Polley's physical form to march through San Francisco on Christmas Day, directly challenging the homosexual movement, that you will set aside your differences on abortion and join God in San Francisco, marching with Him, and that you will insist that all Catholic bishops and cardinals throughout The United States march behind you with the other religious leaders opposing sodomy. I wish you to make a public announcement that this will happen, also, to assist in the efforts to make Nelson Mandela The Ruler Of Heaven, Jesus' Steward, who will sit upon His Throne. I ask you to buy the Italian rights to Speaker Polley's work "The Book Of The Nazarene,"

and have The Church publish it in Italy and distribute the Italian version throughout the world. I wish The Church to pay $100,000 for these rights, and after that $100,000 is received to split all other profits with Speaker Polley 50/50.
I also request that you send a directive to all Catholic Churches in The United States requiring that the priests in all Churches announce God's request that children ask their parents to buy them no Christmas presents this year, but to take them to church on Christmas Day so they can pray that their parents not betray them to Obama, and that they not be sold into inhuman bondage to the homosexuals.
God can't speak to you, but I take this opportunity to speak to you because I still desire that if you can't have eternal life with God, you have it with the other that God has arranged for you to dwell with.
It would please none in The Afterlife if you were lost forever. They would be so joyous if you would join God, stand against this evil and have eternal life. Those of God's daughters that you have tortured will forgive you, and you can yet be glorified. Come! Stand with God. March with Him through San Francisco. Support His efforts. Bring down this evil. Tell all of your children to join you.
God wants three million people marching through San Francisco Christmas Day. Let ,many of them be Catholic. Have them tell the homosexuals "No! You can't have our children! This must stop now! Marriage is between a man and a woman. No civil union!"
If you join Us there is no question that We can succeed. If you stand with Us the human race will endure forever. Be God's glory!

A Servant Of Him That Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever


Let Rush Buy In!

Sometimes God gets upset about the darndest things! Rush Limbaugh wanted to be with a group that was buying a football team. When the team owners found out about it they said they would never permit it, and would block the purchase. Now, isn't this a free country? What right have these people got to say that Rush can't own a part of a football team? What is it the owners don't like, he talks about the drugs they're giving to their teams, he doesn't believe female reporters should be in the locker rooms? What makes Rush unacceptable to own a football team? God can't get an answer because there isn't one. He has just as much right to own one as someone else! So why can't he?


The Papal State

Now, here's a good question God gets asked all the time. Does He disapprove of The Vatican, the papal state? Is it right for The Catholics to have their own little country while other religions can't? God could care less! It doesn't really matter, they will be brought down just like every other false religion has been brought down. In time their evil will be exposed, and people will leave them. But God would like to see some more religious states. He'd like Us to have a few of them, little Spiritist nations in the middle of some major countries having sovereignty just like the Vatican, so Our representatives could be recognized as diplomats and have all those privileges. Well, We don't think it's a good idea before the presidential campaign. After I've been president, then We might have such conclaves, but not right now. We wouldn't want somebody claiming that I couldn't be president because legally I'm the leader of another country. Can't give them something like that! Not saying some of my followers might not be able to form such little countries. That would shake up The UN, especially if they were anti gay!

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