An Open Letter From God The Father
To The Media Of The World
03-11-00 AJ

We mentioned yesterday in Our message to The Islamic Embassies that their people in The Afterlife were upset that no images had been prepared to be distributed in Islamic countries by their newspapers to raise power and unify them. Demetrius was asked to create some images. However, he could not find many that inspired him. Finally he managed to produce four that would do the work excellently! And then I, myself, took what he had made and made two more images that will spread power perhaps better than the first four. The link to them will be after this section. But let me describe what We have done so the whole world will understand.
The first image is my name in Arabic, surrounded by the stars of glory. Above it and beneath it the two joined circles representing the unity between male and female, which is the greatest source of Our power. When Demetrius was teaching Muhammed in his true form, Muhammed asked "What should we call God?" and Demetrius told him it was up to him. Then Muhammed asked "What was your people's word for truth?" Demetrius answered "Allah." Muhammed declared "Then that is what we will call God, truth!" That is what I should always be called. For all those who follow me should utter only the truth as Demetrius and Sarah do.
The second image is the sword of my glory, the power of my vengeance that can only be weilded by the righteous. The unrighteous cannot even hold it, for its very power would destroy them. This is the second image that if the newspapers distribute them to The Islamic People will give my people power. For understanding its truth would turn them from the Darkness.
The third symbol is the star of Our unity, with the circle of infinity in its center. It is the symbol of the need to be united against injustice and cruelty, against those who would rule by might and kill the innocent for power. All must rally to this symbol so that infinity for the human race will not pass away.
The fourth symbol is that of the place of worship with the fire of my glory radiating out from it, surrounded by the stars of glory. My places of worship should always be places of justice, of honor and dignity. Those who teach hate should never be allowed in them. Those who tell my sons to kill the innocent should be banned from them forever.
These are the symbols that Demetrius prepared. Now, here are the ones that I prepared. The fifth symbol I want distributed throughout all of Islam is the image of Our beloved mother Sarah, surrounded by the images of power. For just as she does battle for The Hindu People in her spiritual form, so does she for The People Of Islam. She is Our light and guidance coming out of the Darkness, one of Our true stars by which We should navigate. Her lessons to the women of Islam should be taught in every temple. Her loyalty to her husband, her loyalty to his children and her determination to give them eternal life should be honored by all women in every Islamic nation. They should keep this image of her in their homes and every day they should look upon it and say "Sarah, Our Mother, let me be like you, let me be what a woman should be, standing by my husband but also being what I am and never ashamed of it." Every woman and girl should look upon this image each day and utter this prayer.
Finally, the sixth image is of Our Beloved Demetrius surrounded by the symbols of glory. For he is The Father Of Islam in every way. He taught Muhammed, he gave him the wisdom and made him glorious. Every day every man of Islam should look upon his image and say "Father Of Fathers, let me be like you! Let me do nothing in hate but let me do all things in righteousness. Let me be fair unto every man, no matter his race, his color, or his creed. Let your dream that all religions can live in harmony with one another come true. Let us be one people united by your love and the love of all of our Fathers."
These are the images that We have prepared for Islam, that will empower every Islamic nation, that will empower every true believer and give us the strength to overcome the Darkness. I ask The Islamic People to spread them to the world, and tell the world of their meaning.

We are hoping for a victory in Maine today, to deal homosexual marriage a death blow, a mortal wound. It will be close! However if We fail I will blame one man, Pope Benedict Of Rome, because I personally instructed him to go to Maine and rally his people against this abomination, but he would not, because I do not support his false teachings on abortion, so he is lost to me forever. But his people beg me to continue to reach out to him, to give him a chance for eternal life. Their pleas are so desperate I have to answer them, so I will say this. I am trying to reach Maria Shriver Schwarzenegger in California, rise her to my cause. I want to march through San Francisco on Christmas Day and condemn the homosexuals. If Pope Benedict will contact Maria and ask her to fulfill my wishes, accept power and glory equal to my own, and support Demetrius' bid for the presidency, assist him in moving to California, then conduct mass in San Francisco Christmas Eve and march with me Christmas Day I will have Maria take charge of his soul, have him care for The Catholics on her new world in a hundred years. Not only will I give him eternal life, I will glorify him. I will give him someone to serve that will make him great. The Catholics will have .05% of this new world in the stars. Now, I have made an offer. I wish that those that support Benedict now leave me alone. I leave it up to him. If he wants eternal life I give him an opportunity. If he continues to defy me his fate is his own. I am done with him. He is forever separate from me. However, I offer him another to give him eternity. I have done my duty.

He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

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