09-01-00 AJ
An Open Letter From Caylee Anthony
To First Lady Laura Bush



First of all let me thank you for bringing Mr. Eastwood last night. He is such a gentleman! God wanted to thank him for his excellent movie against prejudice. Mr. Polley always wanted him to play his father in the story of his life as a young Angel. He says to cut corners they could have white people play The Havens and colored people play The Hashons and just have them be able to fly without wings. Bummer! I like his wings! But here's the link link to that story. You might want to let Mr. Eastwood know about it. It would be fantastic! He said he'd do anything to help.





I've got to tell you Mr. Polley was having the cutest dream last night! He was in this big room with Mrs., a whole bunch of girls, and other people. Mr. Polley said to the girls "Happy fifteenth birthday Goddesses!" and the girls all answered "Happy 63rd, father!" and one of the girls remarked "It's so cool! It's so absolutely cool that we were all born on the same day!" One of the other girls answered "What's so unusual about it? We're all God's servants. That's the way God does things!" The girl answered "Yes, my superior. Though I am the elder I bow to your authority." The other girl said "Don't get cute! You're only five minutes older than me. Don't make a big deal out of it!" Everybody laughed. A man came in carrying something looking rather disgusted. "Another summons, sir!" he remarked. "The judge is charging you again with violating his gag order and continuing to speak of him in a derrogatory manner, referring to him with obscene names." Mr. Polley took the document and smiled, walked over to a fireplace that had a nice wood fire going in it, and threw it in. "We'll have to remember," he remarked, "to thank that s*f* for supplying us with so much fuel this winter and keeping our heating bills down." Everyone laughed. "You could be a little bit nicer, father!" one of the girls complained. "Not a prayer!" one of the other girls said. "They hate each other." "But he only wants him to sit down in a private room and have a conversation with him," the girl put in. "Father's so nice to everybody, you'd think he could be nice to him." Mr. Polley smiled and said "There's some people I won't be alone with. I've offered to talk to him with a lawyer present but I will not talk with him in private, absolutely! Now, this is our party. Let's not let anyone spoil it. We've gota lot of work tomorrow, but we're taking today off. No shop talk!" One of the girls started jumping up and down. "Just one thing, father! There's been another storm in the northeast and power outages. But because your new furnace is selling so well that not only doesn't use electricity but generates it, 35% of the people still have heat! We're getting thank you emails from everywhere!" "Excellent!" Mr. Polley answered. The rest of the dream is unimportant stuff. They were talking about the girls' boyfriends and things. But it was such an incredible dream! Mr. Polley says he doesn't take much creedence in it because it wasn't that realistic. And he never wants a dream to come true when that obnoxious judge is a part of it! But wouldn't it be something if him and the protector/couriers were all born on the same day? My curiousity is running rampant!
Would the CIA have such information? Is there a thirteen year old girl related to Osama Bin Laden who was born on January 29th, and a thirteen year old in The Saudi Royal Family who was born on January 29th, both of whom speak very good English? It would be phenomenal! Mr. Polley says "Now, don't get your hopes up!" But I just have to ask you if you'd find out! I have a feeling they're such nice girls. I want to know for sure. Oh, and the girl in India too. She's the daughter of an entertainment mogul, a multi millionaire or maybe even a billionaire! She speaks excellent English too. It would be incredible if she had been born on January 29th! I so want to see them all together. I want to know that they'll all get their reward. The idea of God making girls Goddesses and giving them a whole world, and making the men say "Yes ma'am!" to them, really excites me! Girls with ultimate power working with Mr. Polley. They'd shake the world!
Of course you know what I'm going to ask next. Has my letter come? Have you read it yet? Will you take it to grandmother? It's my only hope. The demons here just about fainted away yesterday when Mr. Polley tried to get a message to Ellen DeGeneres asking her to mention it on her show and encourage you to take it to my grandmother. He even said if possible when his powers are repaired so he can travel he might come on her show to speak of the matter. The demons say I'm incredible! He wouldn't even think of getting near her for anybody else. He wouldn't even talk to her under normal circumstances. And of course, until his powers are repaired he can't get near her without destroying her soul. But again I'm concerned about being treated so special. I'm not sure it's right. And I'm still waiting for your advice on the little problem we talked about yesterday. I wouldn't trust asking anybody else. I do wish you'd answer and give us an address! You are so important to everyone, and with each passing hour you are becoming more important to me.
Maybe if you contacted Miss DeGeneres and tell her you're considering taking my letter to my grandmother and wondered what the public would think about it and wanted her to ask them where she's a woman's show, more or less, I think Oprah would be good too.
Oh! Mr. Polley had another little dream about you visiting and there was an older female secret service agent with you who tried to hurt him. If you do visit only bring young ones.


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