A Note From Caylee Anthony
To The King Of Saudi Arabia
27-01-00 AJ



Greetings Your Majesty!



Below is my latest letter to the editor of The Orlando Sentinel. Again I feel if you were to contact her and tell her that The Islamic People believe Mr. Polley is a servant of God there would be a good chance of her fulfilling my wishes. I also need another favor. I am not kidding when I say the creatures of Darkness are after me. Everybody is protecting me but it's using power that should be used elsewhere. Mr. Lee was telling me about the wonderful warriors from The United Arab Emerites that helped them win the battle at Ithaca, New York, that broke the demons' power spiritually. Mr. Polley says he can't get ahold of the ruler of this country. Is there any possibility that you could contact him and have him give consent for his spiritual warriors to come and help us? They would be most appreciated. And they have never officially claimed the reward for what they did at Ithaca. God wishes they would. So the whole world would know how much He praises them. Of course you know what else I want, the Islamic protector, so Mr. Polley's powers can be restored. I cannot understand why any little girl would not want to be his daughter and receive the rewards that God would give her to literally become a Goddess! I could never do that. All I can hope for is to be given eternal life, have a chance to someday be an immortal soul and maybe take part in Ultimacy. But that would take a long, long time. But if I could become Mr. Polley's daughter I would have a chance. But the Christian protectors and The Islamic protectors are already immortal souls, and they will be given whole worlds to rule in God's name as part of God's Kingdoms. Isn't this a good enough reward to be somebody's daughter for four years and to serve her people? Wouldn't it be right for her people to finance it to have their child so glorified? Those who serve God become His handmaidens, rise to unbelievable power. How can they reject it? How can they turn away from it? Could it be because they wouldn't be able to wear lipstick or color their hair or walk around on the street showing their breasts to boys? Would these things be enough to keep them from becoming Goddesses and caring for their people? Why would these things be so important? Why would someone say "No, I won't give up my free will. I'll paint myself if I want to. I'll wear jewelry if I want to. If God won't let me do that I won't glorify Him!" How could any young woman be so foolish? Maybe they want to use fabric softener and get skin cancer. I don't know. I wish someone could tell me. I wish these girls would talk to me and tell me why they don't want what God is offering, when I want it so desperately. I wish you could find them! I wish you could talk to them, I wish you could ask them, especially the Bin Laden girl. I've touched her power. It is so phenomenal! It's an equal to Mr. Polley's to Mrs.' She could do so much for God! I cannot understand how someone with such power will not serve him, would destroy herself instead for the pleasures of this world. I cannot understand how any woman could be like my mother and look only for these things. If you could find her, if you could have her talk to me I would really like to understand. I want to grow up. I want to have feelings for a man. I want to adore a father and have him teach me how it is that men really love women, not just to do that with them, get them pregnant and go away, but really love them, cherish them, and take care of them and their children. I want to know how this feels so much! It tears at me wanting it and knowing unless good people like you help me I will never have it. God wants me to ask you again to send a message to the state department telling them that under no circumstances will Mrs. Clinton be allowed in your country. I don't understand why He wants this so much. I know she's not a nice lady. But it's what he wants so I have to ask you again. Please, if you can take a little time contact the lady in Orlando and ask if she will help me, and contact Mr. Kimmel.

A Once Loving Child Who Has Become A Creature Of The Night


( See page 39 for letter )

There Has To Be Both!



We are asked "If Caylee has all these friends in The Afterlife, why is she constantly asking for people to talk to her from the material realm?" Well, the simple answer is, she needs both. We're doing the best we can but she's just not getting enough positive response from the material world. There's not enough people out there crying "Let's put this thing together and save Caylee! If she wants to be Mr. Polley's daughter, let's raise the money and make her his daughter! If this is how to give her eternal life, then let's get off our duffs and do it!" She needs the living just as she needs the dead. Such a response as she has been getting has never been seen before. The focus of the entire Afterlife is on one troubled little girl. But that simply isn't enough. There has to be those in the material world that believe, as well, hear God's message, and fulfill His purpose. It's difficult. Those in the material world don't want to believe that because a little girl is murdered and Justice isn't done, she is driven to become a creature of Darkness and commit a despicable act that will destroy her if she cannot be helped. They want to think oh no matter what, she'll be safe, they don't have to worry about it, they don't have to do anything. God will take care of it. Well, sadly, if something isn't done, if she doesn't get help God will take care of it, the only way He can, let the Darkness swallow her up and end her existence forever. That's what will happen unless we find a solution, so we have to find a solution! Don't you want to be among those that help find it?


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