Because of the importance of this letter the information it contains, we are sharing it with the media of the world because the same applies to every group of people who are being asked to provide a spiritual protector so that God's work can continue.

The Polleys

16-02-00 AJ
An Open Letter From God The Father
To The King Of Saudi Arabia

Most Sincere Greetings To The One I Recognize As The Leader Of Islam On Earth Under The Stewardship Of Our Beloved Demetrius Who Muhammed Has Empowered As The Calif Of All Of Islam!
I need to clarify a few things today. First of all we have gotten complaints saying that what Demetrius & Alura are requesting I have never done before, that I have never asked young women to leave their homes, accept the dominance of another, who they will call their father, and do my work under his supervision. They say this is foolish, that I would never ask young women to do this. How ignorant can people be? I have asked young women to do this since the beginning of time! In the present day they are called nuns and live in places called convents, and they give their lives over to my blessed Son Jesus, call the heads of His church their fathers. To say that this is something I would never do is utter stupidity! There are small differences. These young women will not have to swear to celibacy as they serve Demetrius and me through him. They will develop relationships and at the end of their service when they are given other duties go on to be wives and mothers and great leaders among their people. They will be given authority over many things. But to say that I do not ask young women to leave their families and take up a religious life is absolute ignorance! And as with all young women who give their lives over to me and devote themselves to serving their people, I will reward them greatly.
Perhaps I should give this new order a name. How does The Daughters Of Divine Salvation sound? I still wish to establish their home the seat of their order, in Washington DC, that their power may radiate out to the entire world from that place. But what utter ignorance to say I have never done anything like this! What utter folly!
Demetrius has congratulated you privately on appointing a woman to sit on your ruling council, something I have long desired. I must officially extend my praise here, and condemn those that oppose you on this matter. Women in The Islamic World must be risen to a place of equality. The persecution against them must end. That does not mean that their loving relationships with their husbands should be in any way curtailed, that they should become any less women. But their right to speak and their right to represent their people should be recognized. Any attempts to sodomize them to make them something other than women to please a few who want to do unnatural things with them must be opposed. Women must take their place as women, not abominations, not something that disgraces my perfection, that shames my creation.
There is another matter I also must discuss. Someone has said that it is a profound part of our beloved Demetrius' teachings that nothing a man can do can destroy a soul. Yet we are saying Demetrius' spiritual Agents are going out and destroying the souls of those that are supporting the terrorists, shattering them in their bodies so they will die forever. They claim this is a contradiction. It is not a contradiction! These individuals have destroyed their own souls because they have become filled with lust, hate, and greed and destroyed the shields around their bodies that protect them against the attacks of spiritual beings. They have opened themselves and permitted themselves to be destroyed. Demetrius' teachings are absolutely correct! No living man can harm a soul. There is nothing a living person can do against it. But each person can destroy their own soul by their actions to the extent that The Bearers Of Light can finish the job and insure their eternal death. It is the fault of the person that is encouraging murder, that is encouraging hate, that wants to destroy others so they can have what is theirs. There is never contradiction in any of Demetrius' teachings! He is a servant of The Light, one of my Messengers and what he says is always true. Those who choose to hate destroy themselves. Their fate is their own fault, no one elses'. As Demetrius says, it's that simple!
This is what I have to say to you today other than to encourage you to select a courier/protector for The Islamic People, raise the funds to support her, and send her to Demetrius, so that the glory of your people will rise. The spiritual power for her already exists. It is being generated in the northern part of your capital. We do not know who is creating it, they are concealing themselves from Us, which is very frustrating! But the power grows daily.
There is one final thing. Some years ago during another crisis Johann Sebastian Bach wrote a song praising John Lennon and encouraging him to return to my service. Where that song is now very appropriate today we are reintroducing it. Here is the link to an audio that has been produced. Demetrius and Alura are also working on a video version using some of the pictures they created for other videos with some modifications. Among them are the illustrations of John destroying the spiritual dead zones that once existed in Saudi Arabia during Our darkest hours. This is considered one of his miracles and it is something that The Islamic People have not totally repaid him for. Now is the time to repay that debt by raising the call for him to become Ruler of The Kingdoms Of God. A people cannot live with honor when the debts they owe have not been repaid. Surely you remember that this is a teaching of your Prophet.

Let us join the power of Heaven's Houses! Let us stand together as one before those who would sodomize Our children, destroy them forever.

He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All Now, And, Forever

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