An Open Letter From Lord Krishna To The Media Of India

I wish to send this exact same letter to a man in India who owns a great broadcasting endeavor and makes films for the people's enjoyment. The Hindu Goddess lives among his family. It is strange that several of the goddesses live among families engaged in these industries. But perhaps it is not because these are the perfect individuals to take Speaker Polley's stories and publish them as books and make them into films for the enjoyment of the world, and fund Brahma's work at the same time. But I am seeking an Indian newspaper to be Brahma's voice in India, to call forth to The Indian People to find the Hindu protector and send her to join this sisterhood and save mankind so it will not be said that The Muslim People alone, saved mankind, but that all the world stood with them so that The Hindu People will have their world also, and their goddess will rule over it who will speak for me, who will speak for Brahma, who will save the children of India.

He Who Is Called Enlightened

To The Media And Embassies Of The World,

God has asked us to send a copy of this letter to everyone we can reach in the hopes that everyone will make sure that it has reached the head of The Bin Laden Family that he knows the danger the world is in, and that he has the means of saving it. God is pulling all stops, trying to reach every person that can provide the power He needs to save his children. He's not going to give them up without a fight!

The Polleys

An Open Letter From God The Father Who Is Called By The Islamic People Allah
To The King Of Saudi Arabia

18-02-00 AJ

My message today is not truly to you, it is to the head of The Bin Laden Family, and I ask you to deliver it. For its importance grows with each passing hour. The need to have this situation fulfilled becomes more and more desperate. I will now begin this letter.

An Open Letter From God The Father
To The Head Of The Bin Laden Family

Most Gracious Greetings!

First of all let me say how deeply sorrowed I am that a member of your family has so shamed your name and dishonored not only you, but all of Islam. It is a profound tragedy that this one has wandered so far from truth and done so much harm. But in the strange ways of these things an opportunity has presented itself for your family to be redeemed, and for one of its members to take your people to the stars.
There is one among your vast numbers, a young girl between thirteen and fourteen years old, who has been chosen for a very important mission. Her original purpose was to teach your children about those from the stars that are dwelling among mankind, and to lead those among your brothers and sisters that are of those people to their destiny. But tragic circumstances have given her a new purpose. Let me explain.
Those of Christendom that were sent into the world to support Jesus Of Nazareth, Called The Christ, and lead their people during The Awakening and have them go to the stars have betrayed Him, they have failed me. They have rejected my truth and turned to those that sodomize my sons and daughters, would have them marry each other and disgrace my perfection. In great anger Jesus Of Nazareth has abandoned mankind. He has gone to dwell with those in the stars that will obey Him. Christianity is in chaos. A new leader has been chosen but he will not take his place because his Earthly love has abandoned him. It has fallen upon Islam to lead mankind out of the Darkness, assist in the restoration of Christianity, and lead man to the stars. Daily, Islam's positive power grows! There is a new flow of energy that has originated in the capital of Saudi Arabia and is flowing directly to God's servant. It is coming from the northern part of the city. A similar flow has begun from the capital of Pakistan. We do not know who is delivering Our messages and who they are reaching, but the power is growing.
God's servant is Speaker Gerald Polley, of Bismarck, North Dakota, who your Prophet calls The Calif Of All Of Islam, The Father Of Fathers, The Voice Of The Prophets. But unfortunately because of the betrayal of Jesus and His departure Speaker Polley cannot fully use his powers. If he does so, he will injure those who can be saved, who have committed small offenses but with guidance can be restored to my glory.
What is needed is courier/protectors, young women to form a sacred order from every major religion, live with Speaker Polley as his daughters and become his conscience, shielding those that can be saved from his power so his spirit may go to and fro and destroy evil. A great reward is offered to those young women that will serve. I will literally make them goddesses! In a hundred years when The Children return to the stars they will give each religious group a world equal to Earth, and I will give the young women of each religion that become their people's protectors spiritual dominion over that world. They will rule over it spiritually, as my stewards, forever guiding and protecting their people. Their power on these worlds will become equal to mine on Earth.

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