An Official Decree From God The Father
To The Media Of The World And All Embassies
And All Governmental Leaders Throughout The World
18-03-00 AJ

I repeat today that I do not recognize the presidency of Barack Obama. I will, under no circumstances, allow those that truly serve me to communicate with him or any member of his administration in any way, for he has joined The United Nation's efforts to sodomize my children and to legalize homosexuality. I ask every government of the world to send their strong rebuke to Mr. Obama and tell him that they will not allow him to sodomize their sons. That no American official will be allowed in their countries that promotes homosexuality. Any American official stating that homosexuallity is acceptable will immediately be put out of their countries. Anyone trying to teach their sons to destroy themselves will not be accepted.
I ask this of every Islamic country. I ask all religious leaders of every denomination that truly follow me to rebuke Mr. Obama bitterly and say that this is not acceptable. I will repeat clearly so all will understand, no individual that supports homosexuality will ever enter into my Kingdoms. No one that encourages young men to destroy their bodies, their minds, and their souls will be permitted to abide with their loved ones within the boundaries of my Kingdoms. I condemn bitterly Mr. Obama for taking part in this abomination and telling young men to destroy themselves. I will never accept this, I will never allow it. I strike his name from The Book Of Life, I remove him from my fellowship. He will never be a part of me again. I would that he find reason and join others and have immortality. But he has betrayed me for public acceptance. He has betrayed my sons and forsaken my truths. So he and all that abide with him, all that follow him are now forever outside of my fellowship. As I say, I desire greatly that he join others and return to reason and have eternal life. But his betrayal of me has separated him from me forever. He knows that this is unacceptable, he knows that homosexuality is unforgivable, that none can abide with me that practice it. My teachings are absolutely clear that my people are not to abide with these, not to associate with them. He has chosen to. He has said "I will be popular. I will forsake God and join those who would destroy His children." He thinks it will keep him in power. It will not. I will oppose him. I will have my servants oppose him. This will not last, it will not stand. My sons will rise up and say "We will not be your playthings, we will not be your toys! You will not sell us for power! We will resist you, we will defeat you! We will bring back honor to our country! We will not be The United Nation's prostitutes!" I call forth my sons, I call forth all my men who have honor and ask them to say "You will not do this to our children! You will not sell them to the perverts in The UN! This is not going to happen! You have gone too far!" My servants, my true servants will fight those committing this evil bitterly, by every legal means at their disposal.
Mr. Obama has decided that he does not want to be a part of my Kingdoms, that is his choice. He has shut himself off from me. If that is his wish, so be it! All that belong to him are shut off, also because they follow him. All that are of his house are cast out of my Kingdoms, unless they will depart from him and declare they are not a part of his sin, not a part of the abomination that he is committing.
I call upon all who follow me to rise up and make laws banning homosexuality, forbidding it, clearly and distinctly and I condemn any that want to change their country's laws making it acceptable, and I declare that they are creatures of Darkness and enemies of the people.
Again, I present my servant, Speaker Gerald A. Polley, as a candidate for The Presidency Of The United States in the hopes that the people will rally to him and end this insanity. As soon as he is in office I ask him to reverse what Mr. Obama has done and declare that The United States will not accept The UN's sodomy, will not accept the destruction of Our children. I declare war between The Kingdoms Of God and The United Nations, for they are the enemy of all my children, and will destroy my children if they can for the sake of their perverted lust. I will do all in my power to stop them. I will take every legal means to oppose them. And I will condemn forever any that stand against Us.

Given At The Embassy Of The Kingdoms Of God And The Grand Alliance
Which Is My Earthly Residence At
1013 1/2 N 3rd Street, Bismarck, North Dakota 58501
Signed By God's Only Recognized Representative On Earth
Speaker Gerald A. Polley

__________________S.L. Gerald A. Polley_____________________

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