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All the world should know what is going on with Michael Jackson. He is quickly growing in power. No telling where it could end!

Speaker Gerald A. Polley

An Open Letter From Speaker Gerald A. Polley
To Maria Shriver Schwarzenegger, First Lady Of California
01-07-00 AJ

Sometimes our work brings us such great saddness. Yesterday God told us that He has ended His relationship with Mrs. Obama and her daughters, that He will make no place for them in The Kingdoms Of God because Mrs. Obama hosted a gay pride celebration in The White House and did not speak out against it. And because her daughters would not speak out against their father sodomizing the children of the world. These are the most sad times! But God has offered them hope. He has offered them a place, a chance to restore themselves to Him. Let us pray the one who he has asked to help them does so. They are beyond His reach. He has removed all Angelic Workers from The White House. It is now a place of utter Darkness, of utter despair. Hopefully some day We can bring The Light back to it, and drive the creatures of Darkness out, if I win the election in 2,012.
Speaking of 2,012 there's a sick movie out claiming that the world's going to be destroyed in that year, and that only a few of humanity will survive. The people that are pushing this are trying to make money. There's no truth to it, whatsoever. God wants me to assure everyone that nothing that abnormal should happen in the year 2,012. Well, if I become President that might be something that many would consider would be the end of the world, but that would be about the only thing! The world will not end with a bang. If mankind perishes it will be with a whimper, it will not be swift and sudden, but slow and agonizing.
Here's the latest art work. That gallery's gettin' pretty full! Sure would like to have a material one!

Here's the latest issue of our magazine. The stuff in them becomes more and more important.

Still wish God could get His march on The 4th Of July and We could call on The United States to shut it down elsewhere in protest to what Obama is doing, especially considering Michael Jackson has performed his first miracle. God has described it and it will be in our next issue. ( See Page 1 ) But we won't send it out in an email unless those receiving our emails especially request it. But Michael has earned the instant admiration of his people, thanks to the love everybody is pouring out to him. Sure would like to keep it coming! He made a comment he wants one of John Lennon's jobs when he becomes the Ruler of The Kingdoms Of God. Would sure like to see him get it! We could use somebody in that position!
Boy! When We expose corruption, We expose corruption! The South Carolina governor is admitting that he's had other affairs. His wife should send him packing, and God still wants her to run for governor. As our other candidates for secretary of state aren't interested, God is putting serious consideration into her. We're sure the people of South Carolina wouldn't mind giving up their governor if she was offered such a position as that. But We'll have to see. She might want to stay governor for a while. The Republicans need some decent people, do they ever! The governor should definitely be put out of office. The people of The United States must declare that morality is of importance. We're sure hitting The Republicans hard! Who's next?
Michael wanted to have us make one comment. Some people are saying that he was greater than The Beatles, greater than Elvis. Michael says "No! Nay! Never!" Both of these were his inspiration, his goal was to achieve equality with them, never to surpass them. He is already planning on doing a few numbers with Beatles & Friends, and he was deeply saddened to find out that Elvis has reincarnated and he won't be able to do any numbers with him. But he never wants to be called their superior, their equal, perhaps, but their superior never! It would be sacriledge to make such a claim, and he wishes people wouldn't say such things.
One further thing. As we were dictating this letter I was given a report that three individuals severely damaged by drugs being cared for in The Spiritist Republic who have not even spoken for years but just sat and stared ahead suddenly became fully active when the news of Michael's first miracle was broadcast! All three suddenly jumped up and cried "Way to go, Michael!" Their recovery is being credited to the wave of energy that passed through The Afterlife when Michael's victory was announced. This is a little bit scary! John Lennon was in The Afterlife nearly twenty years before he caused anything like this. The level of power at the moment is horrendous!

A Servant Of Him Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

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