An Official Decree From God The Father
Given At The Embassy Of The Kingdoms Of God And The Grand Alliance
1013 1/2 N 3rd Street, Bismarck, North Dakota 58501 (701) 000-0000
Through His Devoted Friend And Servant Speaker Gerald A. Polley
His Only True Voice On Earth
22-08-00 AJ




Be it known to one and all that on this date, as The Lord Of Hosts and The Ruler of all Christian Churches on Earth, that I do dissolve my association with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America because they have, at their convention in Minneapolis voted to accept those that engage in sodomistic relationships as clergy. They call acceptable men that have sexual relations with men, and women that have sexual relations with women, even though my teachings directly forbid this. They have rejected me, therefore I officially reject them. I strip their clergy of all power and authority. From this day forth I will recognize no marriages committed in their temples. I will recognize no blessings given by their ministers. They are abominations and have declared themselves my enemies. All members of this organization from this day forth, are banned from my Kingdoms. Their names have been struck from The Book Of Life because they are abominations that defy me and say my teachings are inappropriate, and they prefer to let their friends and relations live in sin so that they will be socially acceptable. As they have rejected me, I reject them.
I especially condemn the Rev. Mark Chavez, director of Lutheran CORE, who publicly admits what the church is doing is wrong, but states that he will remain with the church. Such twisted logic eludes me! I cannot understand such people. However, I will give him an opportunity, a chance to redeem himself and others.
I salute the Rev. Richard Mahan, pastor at St. Timothy Lutheran Church in Charleston, W.Va, and others like him who stand against this abomination, and I sincerely hope that they will join me in what I offer to the people of The Lutheran Church. I ask all churches that oppose this abomination, to separate themselves from the current organization, and to form a new organization called The NonSodomistic Lutheran Church Of North America. I do, at this time, as The Lord Of Hosts, appoint my good friend and servant Speaker Gerald A. Polley, as the interim head of that church, of that organization, and I ask the good Reverend to rally too him. That I do hereby state that I will again recognize any minister of the former Lutheran organization that writes to Speaker Polley and asks him for a letter recognizing that he is part of the new fellowship, and that his church is again sanctified. The leader of any church that does so will again be in my good graces, and their congregation will have my full support. However, all homosexuals and all their supporters must be put out of the churches.
I will give you one to grant you power and authority, that will be able to anoint you to my service and restore our fellowship. My servant will ask nothing for this, as it is a service I am asking him to perform he would not require payment. However when one uses the services of one of my servants they should make a good will offering in return. We are struggling to restore salvation. Because of this nonsense in The Catholic Church Jesus has been driven away, and I have sworn to destroy that organization. My servant needs assistance to fulfill my goals. But he will take the time to serve the Lutheran people.
I will repeat, so there can be no misunderstanding. Because The Lutheran Church in America has accepted sodomy I end my relationship with them, I strip them of all power. I condemn any that donate to them, anyone that gives them one penny to sodomize my children will be struck from The Book Of Life and banished from my Kingdoms forever. This is positive and absolute. Any that destroy my children will be destroyed. The sickness in their souls is unconscionable, their acceptance of evil unacceptable. I am done witn them. But I give those that still truly believe in me an opportunity to reorganize, to join in a fellowship that supports me. I give you a Steward to help you restore righteousness, a true servant that will guide you in all righteousness, and I appoint him the head of your church, that he may lead you out of the Darkness. I do not leave you without hope, I do not leave you in despair. I give you the Light. Take it, but understand those that stand against me are lost forever, and those that accept this abomination stand against me.


He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever




Signed By Speaker Gerald A. Polley, As The Steward Of The Lutheran Church On Earth


__________________S.L. Gerald A. Polley__________________






Hosea 9:14-15


Give them, O LORD: what wilt thou give? give them a miscarrying womb and dry breasts.
All their wickedness is in Gilgal: for there I hated them: for the wickedness of their doings I will drive them out of mine house, I will love them no more: all their princes are revolters.

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