ANGEL ANIMALS- a newsletter that shows how angel animals help people grow wiser while going through life's toughest challenges. Angel Animals, P.O. Box 26354, Minneapolis, MN 55426; Send e mail to; with your name and mailing address. Check out their web site at;

GIST MAGAZINE- the official publication of God Unlimited University of Healing. Contains wonderful, uplifting articles and meditations. You can find it at;

COFFEE CUP FREE HTML EDITOR- One of the best! Now used to put together the online version of "Voices From Spirit Magazine." Easy to learn but also has many advanced features. Available for download any time at with many other programs available for sale or free!

SPIRIT LINKS- A great site for metaphysically minded people, featuring astrological readings by Helene Cole and much more including links to like minded sites.

IN TUNE WITH SPIRIT- A fantastic uplifting online radio station featuring Native American, Celtic and other great new age and spiritual music. Excellent for meditating or listening at work too.


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