To Kevin & Bean, KROQ, Los Angeles CA
07-12-00 AJ

One last email. Phone is gone, don't know how long the internet will last, but had to show you this. Was checking out Ellsworth with the Google map and noticed this red dot on Church Street. Wondered what it was. It turned out to be a real estate ad for this little house. Now, wouldn't this be absolutely perfect for the Earthly residence of God in Ellsworth? Of course it would be nowhere near big enough if we got all twelve of the female protectors, and, four males. But it might work if we got a couple of the girls to start off and a couple of the boys. It looks like it has a full basement. If we had a little money! Sometimes the frustration is just unbearable when what you need is right there and you can't get it! ( See Page 10 )
Hopefully it will only take us a few months to get something together so we can send you a phone number for interviews again. But a hundred thousand dollars and an almost perfect location! We could scream! We could just scream! Of course it wouldn't do Us any good but it'd make Us feel better!

That Annoying Spiritist Minister That's Still Trying To Do The Work Of God
Even Though He's Not One Of His Children. Love Him Anyay!

Speaker Gerald A. Polley

To Kevin & Bean, KROQ, Los Angeles, CA
07-12-00 AJ

One More Thing, Guys!
It's being thrown at me so fast I can't cope with it! Got word on this when we were sending our last message to Mrs. Schwarzenegger. A psychokinitic portal feeding energy into The Afterlife has opened up over your station. We're not kidding! This is absolutely true! Los Angeles is beginning to feed power directly into The Kingdoms Of God! We had reports of this in Germany as well. But this is the first one that's opened up in The United States. The homosexuals' last act of defiance seems to have triggered even a greater flow of energy! Don't ask me how this is working, We have never seen the like of it in all Our ages! The Earth is struggling desperately to save its children! If only We could help it!

Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Mrs. Schwarzenegger
07-12-00 AJ

I cannot tell you how disappointed we are, how disappointed God is, that we're not going west instead of east. He is still in hopes that somehow you might respond. But even if you were to help us sell something so we could raise $200,000 after taxes and acquire this house, He would be grateful. We are so close! If we could just gather three of the essential courier/protectors there is a good chance we could save mankind, but we cannot do it without support. We cannnot do it alone. Even Our powers aren't strong enough. We must combine them with Christianity. God's people must join Us or We will fail! We have the people. We have the power. The people simply will not come forward and are dooming everything and everyone they love. We know God's work is hard, but we also know the joyous rewards. Bringing one soul out of the Darkness is worth a lifetime of suffering. Bringing thousands out and saving mankind would be joyous beyond description! We'll only have the internet for a few more hours, but I'm sure if you chose to you could get a message to us. As I have said before, think of the joy on those young womens' faces in the future when they thank you for giving them a future, when they thank you for giving their race life.

Speaker Gerald A. Polley


We Think They'll Stay

We've been asked if these strange new portals opening up around the world will be permanent. Well, this is a pretty damned hard question to answer. We're quite sure that they'll last as long as the energy need in The United States is so great, and while the main portal remains over Ellsworth, Maine. But eventually the spirituality of Jerusalem will be restored, and when it is it is believed there is no force on Earth that can keep The Holiest Of All from returning there. This may take a thousand years or so, can't do these things in five minutes! The corruption over the ages is appalling. And to remove the negativity and restore Jerusalem to Its glory is going to take a lttle effort. There's an awful lot of bad feelings and they will have to be removed. But eventually it'll happen, and The Holiest Of All will shift. It is believed when that happens these new portals will shift. Ellsworth may have become so strong that as The Holiest Of All moves away it will be replaced by a new portal. We cannot say absolutely this will happen, but there's a good chance of it. The power that has been flowing through Los Angeles has been keeping the human race alive since the first crisis. For it to shut down would certainly surprise Us! They may become weaker, but only a great tragedy we believe, could close them, some deed of horrendous evil would have to be done. And We can't see anything of that nature in the future. We have a feeling these portals are going to be around for a long time, a very long time! They will be manifesting glory for quite a while yet, and We hope to use it, We hope to use it very much!

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