An Open Letter From God The Father
To Governor Baldacci Of Maine
26-12-00 AJ

Greetings To One of My Sons Who Has An Opportunity For Glory! I am contacting you because I recently wrote to Olympia Snowe and asked her to put forth my health care reform proposal to oppose the one that the Democrats aare pushing through Congress that will take away the peoples' right to choose their health care. I would like to offer Olympia one of the worlds in a thousand years that is being made available by Mao Tse Tung as he tries to make a daughter of China a courier/protector. Unfortunately I cannot at this time, because only one world per state is available, and that world has already been promised to you if you will join Our efforts and support Speaker Gerald A. Polley as my presidential candidate in 2,012, try to help him get the Republican nomination. I have been requested by Those that support Olympia Snowe and would like to have her take the people of Maine to the stars, that I ask you to voluntarily set aside the offer that has been made to you in favor of Mrs. Snowe. So this letter is a formal request to you that you do so. I would very much appreciate that you make her aware of the fact that you are stepping aside and making this offer available to her, but that you still would like to support Our efforts and be one of her Apostles, taking a tenth of the world that will be hers in a thousand years when I give her my full power and glory. Even I am limited in some of the things I can do. I cannot offer something to someone when I have already offered it to someone else. The need for your service is great. If you were to join Our cause you would be well deserving of the reward I offer. I cannot offer it to another unless you say "I do not want it. I would prefer another have it." There are rules We have to follow or things will not work the way they are supposed to. So I am making the public aware of what I want to do and what I need from you to do it. Of course Mrs. Snowe can also say that she would prefer you keep your position and that she be your Apostle. Sometimes I have to let my children work out these things for themselves. Speaking of the need for you, I have a very pressing need right now. Though my servant Demetrius has arrived in Ellsworth he is still having problems from the attack that was committed on him in Bismarck, North Dakota. The doctors in Ellsworth want him to have a brain scan. I would like his wife Linda, who is the reincarnation of Sarah, The Mother Of Israel, to accompany him when he has this done. Unfortunately his brother-in-law only has a truck that can carry one of them. If there is any possibility that you could contact someone in the Ellsworth area and arrange a ride to and from the hospital so this scan can be done it would be much appreciated. It is a simple thing, but an important thing. Sarah has been worried ever since this incident because Demetrius, as We call Gerald, has been acting peculiar. And if there is something wrong We would like to know about it. Then We can better direct Our healing power. Also, I believe the ones responsible for this attack should pay for these scans. The Workman's Comp in North Dakota paid for other physical examinations that were necessary after this incident, and I believe they should also pay for this examination. If you could contact the matching agencies here in Maine and have them assist in seeing that this is done, again I would be most appreciative. Demetrius and Sarah give their all for me, work under the most bitter conditions, and I believe they should be given as much assistance as possible. I need Demetrius at his full strength if We are to succeed, if We are to save my children and take them to the stars. Your support in seeing that justice is done would make this possible. If We combine Our powers We can overcome any obstacles. Oh, the doctors believe Demetrius is suffering from post concussion symdrome. It is incredible the damage that a kick can do! The people at the restaurant are complaining this young lady was only playing and it was only a little tap. The damage this blow has done shows it was no little tap. It was a vicious assault. These actions cannot be tolerated, this attitude cannot be allowed. The old must be respected, they are not something for the youth to abuse for their pleasure. This is a battle We must win, and you should help Us win it for the sake of all senior citizens. There is one other thing. Even while Demetrius is laid up he is trying to disperse my glory. I have had him make cardboard crosses out of the box that was used to protect John Lennon's portrait when they moved from North Dakota. He finished this project Christmas Day and there are now 301 of these crosses. I would appreciate it very much if you send some emmisary from your family to pick up a cross for each member of your family that desires one, so they will receive my power and glory to assist them in this battle. Of course I desire that you have one also, as a special symbol that you are taking part in the struggle to save my children. Do let Demetrius know how many crosses he should set aside for your family and, your staff. He will be making more, but these will be the most powerful, and I do desire that you have one.

He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

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