An Open Letter From God The Father
To Kevin & Bean, KROQ, Los Angeles, California
31-12-00 AJ

Well, new years, hard to believe! The first year has gone by without Jesus, the first full year anyway. Tomorrow our date will read 01-01-01 AJ, the first day of the first month, of the first full year because We start at zero. Some people complain and say We mustn't use this dating system, but I insist upon it. There must not be any question as to how tremendously mankind has failed. They have driven away The Lord Of Hosts and sent Him to another people, and He will never return. He has left His power, salvation is still possible if We can find someone to take it. But if We cannot, if mankind cannot accept what they have done, and call someone else forth, We cannot restore salvation. As long as the false teachers cry "There's no problem! You can sin as much as you want and it will be forgiven!" mankind is doomed. Men cannot tell their Lord "I won't follow you if you won't let me penetrate little boys. I won't follow a God that won't let me have my greatest joy." When men like this are the leaders of a religion it has gone too far. I give the world hope. I give them a voice of truth. I give them someone that can save them. But they must support him, they must listen and they must say "Our Father we will obey your servant. Mankind will live forever."
Well, enough of that! Demetrius has been dreaming again. Firstly, he dreamed that someone from this area came with his daughter and said "She wants to be the Methodist protector. She understands how dangerous everything is, and she knows that if you can you must raise another to be the leader because of the power that she possesses, that she will not have a world herself, but will serve the one that will. And she accepts all this. She wants to serve God. Here's six million dollars to begin the project." In the dream Demetrius takes the money as a loan and they immediately begin to sell his products and quickly repay it. In the dreams the girls are always loyal and obedient and work in harmony with one another. When Demetrius wakes up he just shakes his head. He still has doubts. Though he believes in me without question and does my will he still doesn't quite believe We can make it work, that We could ever gather the goddesses and restore his power. But I think We can! I have to believe because if We can't find some way of doing it I will lose my children. My world will wither and die. So somehow We have to succeed.
The next dream was a little odd. He dreamed his brother in law dropped him off in downtown Ellsworth, and he was checking out Main Street for possible work sites. He checked the Portal and was amazed by Its flow of power. He went into city hall to rest a few minutes and a deputy sheriff approached him. "Anything you need?" he asked, "Anything I can help you with?" Demetrius said "I have the strangest desire to be armed, I don't know why! But I have the greatest urge to have a weapon." Without hesitation the officer took out his own pistol, cocked it, and put it in Demetrius' belt, the proper place for a left handed person. "I'll get back up!" the deputy snapped, and hurried off. He had barely gone than a man entered through another door hiding a rifle under his coat. Demetrius challenged him, the man fired on him, and Demetrius shot him. They rushed Demetrius to the hospital and treated the wound insisting he stay the night. The next morning a nurse came in. "Bangor Daily reported on the incident," she remarked, putting the paper on the stand. "Rough first day!" Demetrius was curious and picked up the paper. The headline read "New Deputy Hired by Hancock County Sheriff's Department Kills Armed Intruder In City Hall Moments After Accepting Position." It told that Demetrius was an expert in the occult hired by the department because of problems they had been having in these lines, when he stumbled into the circumstances that now give him hero status. He is currently recovering from his wounds. In the dream Demetrius muttered "Deputy?" and that's when he woke up. Now, somebody's gotta talk about that one! What disturbs Demetrius is the reality of these dreams. He guarantees everyone he's getting nowhere near city hall for some time! And there's no way he'd be a deputy sheriff! It would interfere with his other duties. Weird dreams, even for Demetrius!
A new year is comin'! We're in the greatest power source that exists on Earth. There's no tellin' what tomorrow will bring! By next new year's Sarah may have already gone to Egypt and negotiated for the Palestinian homeland! Nelson Mandela may be acknowledged as the new Lord Of Heaven, and Demetrius' health care proposal could be implimented, blowing The Democrats right out of the water! You never know what can happen in 365 days! After all, I am God!
We are asked where Caylee Anthony has been returned is there any possibility of fulfilling her wishes as was planned before she sacrificed herself. If We could get the goddesses together there is a good possibility her wishes could be granted, but without them it is highly doubtful. However, you can be assured We're gonna try!
Demetrius has made, or I have made, using his body, 319 more cardboard crosses with the word Joyful on them, standing for "Make a joyful noise unto The Lord." Now, if We could only find someplace to distribute them and begin to spread out this power!

He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever
And Wants To Make Ellsworth, Maine His Earthly Residence


Laws alone can not secure freedom of expression; in order that every man present his views without penalty there must be spirit of tolerance in the entire population.
( Albert Einstein )

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