To The Ellsworth American
From Speaker Gerald A. Polley
05-12-00 AJ

Continuing to keep you advised of our move back to Maine. So many wish we could strike up some sort of joint venture with you. John Lennon who we have worked with for many years, is absolutely delighted that his son Julian has reconciled his feelings towards him. We will make mention of this in the January issue of our publication. But if you were also to make it available to the public, John would be delighted! If you were to publish something like "Speaker Gerald Polley, an internationally known psychic who intends to run for the presidency in 2,012 is returning to reside in Ellsworth after difficulties in North Dakota. For some years him and his wife have been working with the spirit of John Lennon, who is now an Apostle of Jesus Christ in The Kingdom Of God. John is absolutely delighted that his son Julian has come to terms with their disagreements and now has good feelings towards him. He would like very much if Julian would join in his efforts to save mankind. Speaker Polley has said that he will gladly share more information that he gets from The Afterlife with us before he gives it out to others. He hopes to be doing a great deal of work in the Ellsworth area." You do not know how much something in this line would not only please John, but God The Father and everyone else in The Afterlife!
We have been asked again, why we are emphasizing the fact that my wife Linda is the reincarnation of Sarah, The Mother Of Israel. If God is able to put together the group that He wants to to restore my powers, which would probably now be headquartered in Ellsworth, it would take me perhaps a year before I would be able to safely leave The United States to go on missions abroad. This would be too long. It may be necessary for my wife to take a team and to go overseas to deal with matters there. The only hope we may have of saving mankind is splitting our forces. That is why we are emphisizing that Linda is Sarah. We hope to gather a force around her that will enable her to perform these missions. The only power source we have that might accomplish this purpose is Ellsworth, where the Holiest Of All is now permanently anchored. The importance of our return after the loss of power in North Dakota is unquestioned. Many are pinning their hopes on our success. Here are some of the other things we will be putting in the magazine concerning today. Might be something else you'd be interested in.
Heard Sylvester Stallone sold one of his paintings for $40,000. God wishes He could get together and do a showing with me and donate a couple of sales to The Palestinian Homeland Fund. That would be fun!
Had the strangest dream last night! I dreamed about a teacher. I think she was with the high school back home when I was young. I did several odd jobs for her, and her recommendations got me a lot of other work. The dream was very strange! I had just finished doing some work for her, her husband had paid me, and I headed off. Then it was like I was still there in another form watching her. The lady's husband remarked "Why does it make you feel so much warmer inside when that young man says "sir" and "ma'am" than it does with others?" The lady smiled and answered, "Maybe it's the sincerity with which it's said, that it's not just said in token respect, but in legitimate admiration. I don't care what they say, that young man is not retarded!" Her husband nodded and that was the end of the dream. As I often say, you sometimes wonder where these things come from. True, we're moving back to Ellsworth, and I'm thinking about old friends that I wish were still there, because they'd get a lot of problems solved. But why these particular people, and those particular circumstances? The subconscious mind comes up with some wondrous things.
I had another dream some time ago about the principal of the high school when I was young. We were at a meeting somewhere and he walked up to me and said, "You know Gerald, the high school really ought to give you an honorary diploma. After all, you are their most famous should have been student!" Everybody that was with us laughed and generally agreed. At the time we were busy with other things and I never wrote that dream down, thinking we'd never be going back to Ellsworth. Sometimes I really wish dreams like that wouldn't happen!
Continuing to dispose of some things. Broke the first desk down today and got it in the dumpster. Some people in The Afterlife were virtually in tears. The work that was done at that desk, the "Here's Jesus!" episodes, dictating George Harrosion's book, dictating "Whacko The Clown," the hours spent doing God's work. Sometimes Jesus, Muhammed and God came through me while I was working at that desk. It was supposed to go to one of the first courier/protectors to help transfer power to them, but we'll have to transfer power in other ways, now. All of this damn trouble because a stupid girl thinks she has the right to abuse people, to physically assault people to fulfill her humorous desires. She has no idea what's comin', none at all! Hell is not a word that can even begin to describe it. She may well have destroyed the human race unless we are successful in other places. The loss of power in North Dakota is a tremendous blow, what we are having to leave behind tragic, but we just have to lighten the load and hope we have enough artifacts to transfer the energy. Somehow we must get respect back into the world, We must make people understand that the young cannot be allowed to do these things, that they have to be held accountable. Kicking the old and putting stumbling blocks before the blind are still not acceptable. No one has a right to amuse themselves by inflicting pain on others. It's a principle that must be returned, it must be!

A Servant Of Him That Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

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