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By; Rev. Speaker Gerald Polley

An automobile cannot move without gas.

A light bulb cannot shine without electricity.

A body cannot function for long without a soul.

What is a soul?

A soul, (or Spirit) is a highly developed form of energy that makes up the personality, vibration, and existence of a person, animal or plant in the material, or, The Spirit World.
As most of us know, without this life source our flesh and blood could not exist at all.  It would be merely a lifeless organism.  The body is the only thing that ceases to exist at the time of death.  The soul, the personality, continues on to another realm of existence.  Call it The Spirit Realm, Heaven or Hell, there is a place where that part of you that IS YOU continues to exist.  In this material form it is hard for some to understand this Natural Law.
The Bible teaches that God creates each soul that is born, and when the body dies, it either sleeps in the ground awaiting The Nazarene's return, or goes to Heaven for an eternity of happiness.  This, however, is a mistaken belief.  Each soul evolves, just as the physical forms have evolved.  They start out in tiny one celled animals that have the ability to fuse solar energy into spiritual entities.  Some souls live only a few microscopic lifetimes, then fade out.  But others continue to live, drawing more and more energy to them with each lifetime, passing up through the levels of material existence to finally reach the intelligent state.  From this point they work to refine their energy, remove from it all impurities and reach for Ultimacy, Oneness With The Universe, Absolute Harmony with All That Is, at which point they will journey to some new world, join with other souls that have reached Ultimacy, use the material energy they have gathered to bring life to that world, and merge their mental energy to become that world's common mind;  what is often referred to as racial memory or, instinct.
This is the true nature of the soul.  It is not controlled by some unseen Heavenly Parent, but is a free agent, bound only by Natural Law.  For some reason, unknown to our Spirit Teachers, development is much slower in The Spirit Form of Existence.  Material life is needed in order for a soul to grow.

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