Before you open this publication there are some things you should consider.. If you are looking for a faith that will make you superior to others, don't bother looking here, because Spirit does not teach superiority, but equality. It will never make you better than your neighbor. It will make you EQUAL to him. If you are looking for a faith that will teach you to despise others because they are different, to persecute and destroy all that does not agree with your opinions, then Spirit is not for you. Because Spirit teaches the respect of others, even those who are different, not just those who believe as we do.
If you are looking for a faith that will solve all your problems for you, then Spirit is not for you, for Spirit guides and teaches, protects and builds, but They do not do everything. They know that in order for someone to grow they must face their problems, learn to overcome and deal with them, not have someone else solve their problems for them.
That is why Spiritism is so superior to other faiths. Because it builds the strength of each individual, and ads them to the greater whole.
If you are looking for a faith that condemns, then Spiritism is not your way, for Spiritism does not condemn, it teaches what is right and wrong. It shows everyone the proper path to follow. It gives The Light Of Truth in the Darkness of fear.
If you wish to turn from Truth, Spirit does not punish; They do not have to. You will do that. Spirit WILL, however, protect the innocent with all their Power, no matter WHO they are, rather they worship them or not. SO be warned...Their Power is great, and not to be misused. The consequences are beyond description.
If you are looking for Truth, love, harmony, Spirit will give it to you....all Truth, not only the Truths that you want to hear, but those that will make you fully aware of what is right and what is wrong, what you can do, and what you can't do, and then They will stand by your side and give you more hope than any false promise. They can give you the joy and harmony of The Universe. It is yours to have. If you want it it is here. You only have to reach out and take it, to join the Circle of Love.
They are waiting for you to say you love Them, and to be one with Them

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