What does each soul reach for? What is its eventual goal? What distant horizon does it seek? Many words are used by many faiths to describe this goal. The one The Children Of The Lords use, is Ultimacy. It means "the joyous and complete oneness with all." It is a level of understanding that cannot be explained by any words, and though some who have achieved it step back and try to tell those behind what They have found, it is simply impossible for those who have not yet achieved this wonderous and glorious condition to even begin to understand. It is something so beautiful, so inspiring, so wonderous that it is beyond words. But merely touching one who has achieved it, fills one with such understanding and joy, with such harmony in all things, that their life before seemed like a total waste. That all their searching and hunting before that moment was wasted effort.
All Lords Of Light have reached Ultimacy. They could not handle the vast powers They do, if They had not. But They have stepped back from the threshold of Their Glory, and given up Their Destiny for a time, to stay with Their children and protect them from The Darkness. This is the greatest love of all, and the reason we praise Them the most.
But what happens to those that DON'T become Lords Of Light, who DON'T go on? They journey to a new world, a world on the verge of giving birth to life, and joining with other Lords Of Light from different worlds, They join in a glorious dance of birth, and cast Their Essence, Their entire being, into the life cycle of that world. They begin new life, life that will grow, mature, and make NEW Lords Of Light to make new life elsewhere, and in this way, keeping life (Light) alive in the universe. For if no soul reached Ultimacy, if new life was not begun in distant places, the material universe would slowly become barren and be plunged into Darkness. There would be nothing but an empty, dying universe.
By reaching Ultimacy, The Lords Of Light assure the continuance of all. By The Great Joy of Their Love is the universe maintained. So must it ever be.

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