THE LAST SUNDAY IN MARCH;; COMMUNICATION'S DAY- The celebration of The Lords' Communication withTheir Children, and the Thanksgiving for those who have carried The Lords' Message through the ages.*

THE SECOND SUNDAY IN MAY; MOTHER'S DAY- A day of thanksgiving and joy in which songs of praise should be sung for the mothers in the congregation. Corsages should be given to each, from the congregation.

THE LAST SUNDAY IN MAY; MEMORIAL DAY- A day of praise for Those who gave Their lives in defense of Their country.

THE SECOND SUNDAY IN JUNE; FATHER'S DAY- A day of celebration and honor for the fathers in the congregation.

THE FIRST SUNDAY IN SEPTEMBER; LABOR DAY- A time of thanks and praise for Those whose toil has made Their people strong and wise, and provided for the needs of all.

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