All life is precious to The Lords, for They are also infinitely just, and They know that injustices must be punished. When a person murders, there is only one way that they can pay the debt they have incurred. A life must be returned for a life.
If a person enters someone's home to steal and the owner of that property tries to stop them, and the intruder kills them, when the intruder is found, they must give up their existence in return.
This is only one example of many in which The Lords would demand the life of a life taker. A person may only take another person's life in the defense of their family and their property. No other cause is justified. It is for the sake of the murderer as well as the murdered. If the murderer repents, admits his or her guilt, and acknowledges the wrong of their acts, then they may be allowed to live out their natural days in confinement, and do good works to atone for their errors. But if they will not admit their crimes, then The Lords demand they pay the full penalty for them, for justice is important to The Lords.


How should Spiritists dress? By tradition Spiritists always wear the traditional costumes of their native lands as a sign of respect for their Ancestors, and their heritage. There are, however, some general rules that might need to be followed, some alterations might have to be made.
It is the common practice for men to wear plain colors of dark hues, nothing bright or with floral patterns. Plain woven patterns are permissible.
It is traditional for women to wear bright, flowing garments. FLoral patterns and bright designs are permissible.
The wearing of jewelry, especially to worship, is discouraged, except for badges of honor, medals, rings and other decorations given by the community as an acknowledgement of service.
Among some Spiritists it is favored to wear traditional robes to worship, decorated only with the symbols of one's clanship. This is so that it would not appear one is trying to outdress the other, and detract from the purpose of the worship.


Spirit loves Their children as they are. They do not have to dye their hair, curl it, or paint their faces to make themselves attractive to The Lords, or, each other. The Lords, in Their Great Wisdom, discourage the decoration of the body in any way. Instead They encourage Their followers to accept themselves as they are, and not try to change the person without, but to improve the person within.


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