JANUARY 1st: NEW YEAR'S DAY- A celebration of joy and happiness for those good things that have happened in the year passed, and a time of prayer for guidance, strength, and good fortune in the year to come.

THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING- Celebration of life, a time of renawal and refreshing. The traditional time for the blessing of newborn children. It is traditional that flowers be given to each member of the congregation as a symbol of Spirit's blossoming love.

THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER- Usually celebrated with street festivals and general rejoicing. A time for the gathering of families and the renewal of promises. The traditional time of matings, when the life partnerships of a manand a woman are joined in public ceremony.

OCTOBER 31: ALL SPIRIT'S DAY (OUR THANKSGIVING) - The traditional celebration of Spiritism's arrival on Earth. As Our Forbearers arrived in the fall of the year in the northern hemisphere, They were grateful for the abundant food that They were able to gather for Their nearly starving People. So this is also the Traditional Day we give thanks for the abundance the Earth provides us. It is traditional after services, that families have a great feast of celebration.*

DECEMBER 24, 25, & 26: THE THREE DAYS OF SORROW - Which by tradition are days of reflection and mourning. During this time, no bright colors should be worn, no joyous music played, or no dance held. And each evening there should be a prayer service in the Temple, or, home.

DECEMBER 24- Is dedicated to murderers and suicides, as we are not permitted to mourn these at the time of their passing, this special day has been set aside in The Lords' Mercy, that their loved ones may pray for them, that The Lords' Guidance may reach these lost souls, and they be turned from The Darkness, and brought back to the Path Of Light and Truth.

DECEMBER 25- The Day on which we mourn those we have been forced to slay in battle, in the defense of our freedom. When we ask both the forgiveness of The Lords, and, those slain.

DECEMBER 26- THE MOST SACRED OF ALL DAYS OF MOURNING , and the most deeply honored, for this is the Day we honor The Beloved Homeworlds Of Our Ancestors destroyed in the bitter holocaust that brought Them to this world. The first of these, Hades, the Birthplace of Spiritist Faith, Peepi, its devoted Friend, and Haven, its bitter enemy, and all the other worlds Their Pelople inhabited, reduced to ashes. We mourn these Places, lost forever. The Beloved Homes to which we can never return.

*As direct Spirit Communication, the giving of Messages from Our Beloved Ancestors, is a private thing, it is not usually allowed in The Temple. But on two days messages ARE allowed.

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