We have explained about Infinite Law, but why is it Spiritists will not give Infinite Law a personality, a name? Why will they not call it God?
A long time ago there was a beautiful world, an emerald jewel floating in the darkness of space. It was a lush and beautiful world and its people ruled the skies. On the beat of their own wings they soared to the heavens, and the joy of flight was in their hearts. They were not a cruel people. Though they, at times, argued among themselves, the arguments were usually settled with little bloodshed, and peace returned.
Then one dark day something descended from their sky, something that considered itself better than other beings, that considered itself wiser and stronger and thought that all others should bow down and worship it. It called itself a god, but there was no Light within it, only darkness, cruelty, and greed. It poisoned the minds of those it found. It filled them with hate and cruelty and greed. It fed on their ambitions. It taught them they were his perfect race, destined to rule all in his name. It taught them that all others were inferior and any that would not submit to his superior, divine will, had to be destroyed.
He turned these kind and gentle people into conquerers, enslavers. he took so much Light from their hearts and replaced it with so much darkness, that 6 in 10 of the new souls of each generation were destroyed before they could even begin to mature. And following his greed, they spread out like a plague, devouring all they could find, trying to enslave it, as they, too, were enslaved.
In the passing of time, in its lust for conquest, this race conquered another, enslaving its people. And out of the children of this Race, one rose that finally brought an end to that darkness, that finally destroyed that evil. but the legacy it left behind still exists, the pain it created in glorifying itself still endures. It still reaches out from its grave to enslave and destroy.
And The Children Of The Lords know it well, for their forebearers were destroyed in the battle against it. So now the word 'god' stick in them. It brings back the horror of those passed ages, the pain and suffering of Their People, the long agony They endured, and the memory of lost Loved Ones.forever given to the Darkness by this thing that would live forever on the p ain of others.
This is why The Children Of The Lords will give Infinite Law no name. This is why the idea of a god fills them with a pain beyond that that others can understand. They only dream of the day when The Truth of God is known, and Their children are free from the remnant of that tyranny that cost them so dearly.


The True Servants of The Blessed Ones do not charge for Sacred Services, such as The Lords' Counsel, Spiritual Healing, Blessings, CUrse Removals, any Power that comes from The Lords. FOr that Power is given to them freely, and they must pass it on in the same way.
Beware of any who say they are The Servants Of Light and Truth and charge high fees for their services. There is no Light or Truth in any of these, only greed. When one has Truth their desire is to share it joyously, not to profit from it. When one has understanding, one wishes to help others understand, also.


We should not go knocking on doors, disturbing other's privacy, but we should live The Lords' Way doing good in the community, speaking out against wrong and helping those in need. And then, when someone says "Why do you do these things?" we should say "Because we are The Children Of The Lords, of The Blessed Ones," and if this person should say "Tell me more of your Lords and Their Way," then you will ggo forth and teach them.
Never come uninvited, for this is not The Way Of The Lords. The Lords only enter into those houses where They are wished for, where They are wanted. They should never be taken anywhere else.
It is permissible, however, to distribute material about The Lords at public gatherings, such as fairs, flea markets, and also to hold public events and distribute information about The Lords at these. But this should be done at a booth, where the poeple come to you. Persons should not walk about in the crowds distributing unwanted literature. People should be drawn to the booths with banners and singing, and when they ask questions, be offered literature.

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