Call it Paradise, The Promised Land, The Place of Tranquility, all religions promise their followers a place of joy after this life if they are true believers and follow their lawgiver's way
Is there any truth to these teachings? Do such places exist? Of course! The paradise of each and every religion exists in The Spirit World. What the good believers expect to find there, they find. What they were promised for their faituful service they are given. Even the most corrupt god knew some truth, and taught that the good will be rewarded. So the paradises exist: they HAVE to exist. They are built by the loving power of those that believe.
If the paradises exist, do the Hells exist? Do the places of punishment exist as taught by many religions?
There is only one place of suffering; The Darkness that surrounds The Spirit World. here all evil ones flee to escape The Light which will expose to all what they really are, how their misdeeds in life have scarred and twisted them, left them marked with sores. The evil ones flee to The Darkness to suffer the pain they have caused others, refusing to accept the true cause of their agony. Some are forsaken by their own people to suffer their just desserts. But most of The Children Of The Light patrol The Darkness, keeping contact with the suffering ones, giving them council, trying to persuade them to accept their guilt, to repent their errors, and begin their journey back to The Light, before they are swallowed up in The Second Death, the end of all existence. Many times They fail, but sometimes They are joyously rewarded, and a soul repents its evil and turns back towards The Light, and begs the forgiveness of those it offended, and begins to work to undo that that it did. And through all The Worlds Of Light a joyous song is sung, for one more time The Darkness has been overcome and one child of the universe has been brought back from The Endless Night of Oblivion.
This is the true nature of Heaven and Hell, the true Glory that The Lords have prepared. The Nazarene said, "In my Father's House is many mansions. I go to prepare a place for you, that when your time comes, I may come again and bring you home."
It is the same with The Blessed Ones of Spirit; for each of Their children They prepare a home, a place be made for them where they will know peace and joy and happiness, and they can watch those that come after Them. We pray that each of you will have your home, that The House Of Your Loved Ones have prepared will not be empty and that you will not weep in The Darkness suffering the sorrow you have caused others, but will sit, joyously in your happy place, receiving the joyous gifts of those you have helped along in your lifetime. As They have said, so must it be.


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